Do you sometimes feel stressed? Out of balance? Do you sometimes suffer pains ? Do you find it difficult to relax?

Then this course is definitely for you!

Sound Massage is a fantastic method to prevent and manage stress, which is manifesting in our bodies, on the physical, emotional or mental level. Sound Massage is a holistic method addressing body, mind and spirit and may be the perfect solution for you!
And the good thing is you do not have to “work” for it, it simply happens through the sound vibrations, which man is made of anyway.

What a wonderful opportunity for each and every one of us to prevent and manage stress for ourselves and those we love. Many of you know that the work with the singing bowls is my passion, I have discovered the easy access to sound vibrations when I was in a difficult healthy situation and it has turned my life around into a much more healthy, vital and energetic life.

My aim is to share this opportunity with many people, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information and registration. This course below is part of an intensive training week, in case someone wants to do the entire training to be a certified Sound Massage Practitioner.

This course is for anyone, if you are a health professional, a school teacher, manager or house wife – it will help you and your surrounding to relax 🙂

Check it out

Don’t miss this opportunity and call today at +67 43 88 29 or send me an e-mail