VISION BOARD – Presentation at the Costa Women event in Fuengirola

It was nice to watch yesterday, how many women took the first step in a new field of finding out all about Vision Boards. Almost 80 % haven’t heard or done Vision Boards before which made it even more exciting.

I received lots of feedback of aha moments, ideas, hints and excitement to get started at home and I can’t wait to get some feedback soon.


We heard and read it many times now

Everything is created twice, first in the mind as a thought and then as reality. The mind thinks in pictures.


The Law of attraction

But do we access it on a daily base? Are we watching our thoughts to create a healthy, loving and joyful life? Or are we so overwhelmed everydays life and our thoughts about it that we are too exhausted and tired to change anything or even have given up on it. Than a Vision Board can be a great start for a change to do so. 🙂


I wanted the women to see last night as a rehearsal, as Fun and Joy to get into the mood and excitement  of creating a Vision Board. To open a door which was probably much too long closed.


Some hints before you get started


Get magazines from the shop, breathe in and put your hand on your heart and choose a magazine, you will be surprised


Important is

Feel don’t think your way into the process

Act without thinking otherwise you will look for things what are logical

Don’t get into the marketing, so not too long time to focus on the magazine

Best to look at the images and see how you feel

Don’t stick with what is possible

Don’t try to make a rational connection

Don’t settle for the second best


DREAM BIG!!!!     If your dream doesn’t scare you, it is probably not big enough

 4 levels of a vision board

  • Get stuff (cars, houses, money)
  • Feel (love, peace of mind)
  • Believe in yourself (win, succeed)
  • Fulfill higher calling (legacy)


a huge mistake is that we are not combining all of them, some have only one or two in it

Level 1      Physical

Things, money cars, houses, a hot body, cloth

What does your Body or Ego wants in order to survive and be comfortable


Level 2      Emotional

Relationships, Love, family, church, community, friends, pets

How do you want to feel?


Level 3      Mental

Success, Career, awards, accomplishments, jobs, recognition

What do you believe you deserve?


Level 4      Spiritual,

purpose, humanity causes, bucket list

Who do you want to become?


Before you stick your images, affirmations on the board have a second look at the whole and ask yourself

What is missing on my VisionBoard?

Take away irrelevant factors

Not overloaded, less is more

Look at it like a map where you are and where you want to go


List of different types of Vision Boards

  • Gratitude Board
  • A general one, which includes all parts of life
  • Love Board
  • Money Board
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Habit Board (yoga, good food, exercise, great thoughts)
  • Specific, focuses on one situation you would like to see shift
  • Travel Board
  • Quality Board (you would like to develop)
  • Career / Business Board
  • Family Board
  • Spiritual Board
  • Bucket List Board
  • Home Board
  • “Opening and Allowing” Board


“Opening and Allowing” Vision Board:

In creating a collage of images and positive affirmations, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, when in this emotional space of uncertainty.

Start with a gentle and kind focus on healing images and positive affirmations to help you center your vibrational (energy) core.

If you find yourself being a tough critic eg, “you won’t ever get that!” “that’s never going to happen” etc and find yourself ‘stuck’ on the “HOW?” then creating the “Opening and Allowing” board will be a great opportunity for you to nurture your spirit and place yourself in a receptive state once again.

Remember, you can always update your Vision Board again, as you shift emotionally. You will find that as you start attracting some of your desires into reality, you will gain emotional momentum in magnetizing even more.

You can also create a combination of all three types of Vision Board strategies. The key is to trust and follow YOUR INTUITION.


The old saying goes we believe what we see but we actually see what we believe


Believing in yourself, being able to envision yourself living your dreams goes a long way to actualizing your goal.


What is your vision for yourself?  Can you picture what you will be doing when you achieve your vision? What will it look like? What will other people say about you? What feelings will you experience? What would the headlines read if a newspaper would publish it?

5 Steps to getting what you want

1             asking for what you want

2             believe you can have it

3             seeing it in your mind

4             creating the vision

5             manifest it into reality without blocking it

  1. the energy behind the questions is important, if you are afraid not having enough, create a desire of abundance
  2. what do you believe you deserve, you want to manifest 1 Mio, but your money set point is at 10.000. Ask yourself , what is my soul learning in becoming a millionaire, what do I get out of it being poor, Figure out the value of your money set point you can release it and set a new one, set a new belief
  3. What keeps me of my purpose? What are my obstacles?
  4. I deserve to have it. positive I AM statement
  5. Asking for what you want, manifesting it into reality without blocking it


How to start a Vision Board.

Give yourself time, this can be a process of a couple of days before you actually start, as better prepared you are as better your Board will be the Real YOU!

Be sure you will be undisturbed, get excited, this is your time, your life, your future, light candles, Meditate, get still prepare yourself, ask questions, set yourself up in a ‘sacred space’ with some soft, meditative music

  • Ask yourself, What is it I really want?
  • Set the intention of your desires in now designing your life.
    Perhaps some images will come to mind. Then, later as you search for images for your board, you may also be inspired with other images. However, it is important to first BE WITH YOURSELF, to see and know what is important to you, without the persuasion of media, the internet, or other people’s desires.


Decide the main theme of your board


Find pictures that correspond with your theme,  Type or write some affirmations that correspond with your theme.  Include a picture of yourself where you have been happy


Once you have your images selected, you will begin to see how they might be arranged. Some people arrange their board with each section being a different goal, some create more of a timeline, some use a more random approach. A good rule of thumb is to use larger pictures as background, cut out smaller images to go in front. There is no “right way” so do whatever feels right for you. Be as creative as you like!


Dont’ forget to write down the day you created your vision board


Questions you can ask yourself:

  • Where are you right now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How do you want to get there?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What would you do differently when you realize your goal?
  • Where would you travel?
  • Where would you live?
  • What would you wear?
  • What things would you own?
  • How would you feel inside?
  • How you would look outside?
  • What habits would you have?
  • What would you do for work?
  • …Or would you work?
  • Who would you spend time with?
    Who would you help? Remember to have pictures and images that relate to all areas of your life – Health, Career, Finances, Spirituality, Relationships, etc.
  • What do you want to experience from your abundance (life lessons you learn)


Once the board is created, how to get the most of it:

  • Don’t cling to it.  Put it where you can see it, and think “this is a picture that makes me happy.”
  • Don’t get frustrated that you don’t have it yet.  As much as you can, detach from outcomes.
  • Take a picture of it so you can look at it outside of its physical location.  You could store it on your cell phone and flash on it while in line to pay your light bill.  Or you can save it on your laptop at work and view it while pretending to analyze a sales graph in a meeting.  Per the points above, this is not so you can become obsessed by the images, but rather to have a pleasant glimpse into the future that awaits you.
  • Frequently look at the images and deeply feel how you will feel when they are manifest in your life. Live the joy, relief, prosperity, abundance and gratitude for those few moments
  • Reporter interviewed you for the newspaper?  The ability to actually see yourself living out your vision is the first step to achieving your goals
  • Visualisation     What you are doing? / What you are feeling? / Focus on the journey
  • Feel Gratitude for what already happened
  • Reflect on the changes that are happening
  • Daily Gratitude List
  • Notebook
  • Daily Affirmations


What if I’m not sure about my goals?
You can still make a vision board! Don’t get stressed about it. Start with images that excite you or make you happy. You don’t have to know why you love them, just that you do! Once you have all your images in a pile, you will begin to see a pattern with them. What do they say about you, or your goals?

What does it mean? Look at each image to figure out what your life is missing. You may not understand right away, it may take months for it to become clear. Use the board to focus on what your intuition is telling you!


Reason to have a Vision Board

Keeps you focused

Reminds you

Getting back on the road of FUN in Life

Live your Life by Design and not by Default

Don’t let another month, year, decade of your life pass without the awareness, I created it and it was fun doing so.

One of my dear Mentors Jim Rohn, once explained how fast time can pass if we are not careful.

A man wanted to go fishing with his best friend in summer but there were always reason why they had to postpone it. The friend explained, No problems I have still many years to do so. He was reminding the friend that many years can be 20 summers and when you look at this number it sounds and looks different as when you just talk about many years. So how many summers do you have left to spend the best time of your life. Make 2014 the best one. Another great Mentor teached me “Don’t die with your Music still inside”. Dare to live 🙂


You can also find Vision board software on the Internet, I would always think for the fun part and getting into it, I would always advice to do it yourself on a board you can hang on the wall.

Final         Trust in the process, surrender and let go


You just planted a seed and you don’t dig it up daily to see how far it got.


The Bamboo, planted in the right soil, enough sun and water

1., 2., 3. , 4. Year        grows 2 inches (5 cm)

5. year                       80 feet (23 meter)


Mark Twain

20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did!


Therefore!!           Dream big, you only have this life and it is not a dress-rehearsal


Get out of your comfort zone


Remember when did you do last time something that scared you to death and you did it anyway because you wanted it so much? How did you feel?


another good reason to get started NOW  2014 Year of the wooden Horse                    ->     Emotions

means move forward

don’t look back

stepping into solid ground



Ask for help!

Don’t walk alone if you don’t have to!

Treat it like your “Baby” show it only to those you can trust

Work on it, making goals, actions steps, to do lists, 30 days, 90 day

Get a Coach or a Mentor, join a Mastermind group, get a Buddy


Have fun, STAY Play Full and allow yourself to dream


If you want to find out more, have questions, need help, please don’t hesitate to contact me

mobil     699 396 808


I can help you and would love you to find the REAL YOU, discover yourself new and surprise yourself with Dreams you didn’t have in the pipeline yet.