Facebook Spring Clean

This week I started the 5×50.org challenge and my bum  hurts! 

Are you allowed to say bum here?

The reason why … sciatica! Can’t seem to shake it, so probably heading off to the chiropractor this week.

Anyway, enough of my moans and groans 

I also completed another  Handbag and Shoes video (Hangout on Air) with a lovely lady called Marion Dias. She talks about her book “Why did the Cancer disappear?”

It was a fun session as Marion is so bubbly, and although I tried to keep it to our 15 minute guideline we ran over as it was great to hear her story. You can find out more about Marion by visiting her website Dynamic Perceptions and watch the video via this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT30t0jUtB8 ;

NB. If you watch the video and then click “subscribe” to my channel I would really appreciate it

Using the Hangouts has lead me to learn a lot more about Google+ and I am getting really keen on this platform to expand my “circle” of knowledge and interests. In the coming weeks I will post some top-tips on how to get the best from it.

In the meantime, as per the title, let’s talk about Facebook … it’s time for a Spring Clean!

I enjoy using Facebook for business and pleasure. I know it’s not for everyone but following some basic rules and applying yourself little and often can pay huge dividends when it comes to connecting with people and helping you to broaden your own personal horizons, and by default your business connections.

I wrote a small article recently about a Facebook Spring Clean and you can read it HERE

Along with Joy Fahey, I am planning to present a workshop on Facebook Basics (title to be confirmed), so please keep an eye on all your Costa Women messages for more details soon.