Liberation from hibernation!

It happens to all of us. We have been hibernating during the Winter, and all of the sudden Spring is upon us, at which point we find out, we are simply “out of shape” not to mention hungry, thirsty and in need of much-wanted nourishment. And it is not just about the body, but the mind and emotions tag right along with it, as well as the “I” word…(shhhhh…Intuition!) – Such a marvelous word, amazing gift, wonderful companion, and yet, so many of us tend to ignore its power, usefulness, and all together, GPS guidance system that takes us places we never knew existed; especially, when we come out of hibernation…no matter the season. Do you agree?

Mystery builds when we don’t know where higher guidance is coming from and yet, it simplifies itself when we ask for clarity and as if by magic, clarity appears, to be the guiding light to our path to development and best lives ever.

This is all part of you being in spring training. You need to learn how to be fit in all areas of your life, so that you can be ready to tackle what’s yet to come. Hibernation is easy, coming into Spring needs training. Let’s get ready, shall we?


Do you feel like you’ve been on ICE way too long?
Are you hungry for a new way of life?
Are you ready for a new of being?
Do you have a support system?
Are the people in your life ready to be there for you NOW?


Choose new beginnings. (The past is PAST.)
If your phone rings and the PAST is calling, tell them to go to voice mail, you’re sure there’s nothing new for them to say.
Be picky who you spend your time with, as they could be joining you in your next hibernation!
Your time is NOW, not tomorrow.
Exercise…your right to move, to think, to speak, to gather, and to think out-loud.
LAUGH! – Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins wisely tells us to do so. “The more I laugh, the more I feel with glee, the more the glee, the more I’m a merrier me.” (Mary Poppins – 1964)
Spring will spark your creativity. Give it a try. This is where you can really begin to grow, nurture and display your greatness.
Be happy that you are who you are, and not somebody else’s version of yourself.
Strategize. These are your most fertile months to forward-think into how your future will look like.


Always know where you’re going. Get a coach or mentor to help you design your future now.
Lack of clarity is lack of light. No one can live in the dark for long. Find a way to turn on the switch.
Identify those who can help.
Ask them to join you.
Know that what you have to offer is of great benefit to others.
Honor YOU and what you’re worth!
Always be grateful.

Much love,

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