Facebook vs YouTube?

Two years ago there was no hesitation – YouTube all the way to the bank, but NOW is a whole new ball game!

How would you like over 12,000 views and 100 shares and 47, 000 post reach!

Video Marketing is a great way of showing your clients what you do. You may have seen myGoogle+ Hangouts on Air Playlist for Costa Women, or some of my top-tips Playlist on YouTube

This week I have been working with Nando Brown from In The Dog House DTC and we have both been somewhat shocked and delighted at the effectiveness of Facebook’s Video platform vs YouTube.

I had read  sometime ago that Facebook had improved their platform and were now giving their own homegrown videos more Facebook Real-Estate in the newsfeed than YouTube videos, but didn’t have the video catalogue or stats to compare it with … enter stage right Mr Brown.

Nando already has two very well performing Facebook Pages,https://www.facebook.com/Incredimal & https://www.facebook.com/ITDHDTC and a great YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/InTheDoghouseDTC, but we wanted to establish which way we should be focusing to get more video views Facebook or YouTube

Here is the video I am talking about Post by Incredimal – Raising Fizz. – over 12,000 views and 100 shares and 47, 000 post reach!

Now, we (Nando & I) are working on some Top-secret stuff that I can’t share until later on in the New Year, but in the mean time there have been some cool things to come out of the last week or so I can tell you about.

Essentially the key piece of information is Facebook Videos ROCK!

If you want to  get a message out there try uploading a video to your Page newsfeed featuring something you and your audience are passionate about. A home grown one is best – use your phone, just like Nando, nothing fancy. Or try animoto for creating animated videos using still photos. Here ¡s an example of one I created for Lovin Letters

The video reporting stats in Facebook are really efficient and the layout is easy to follow and gives you tons of information. Here is a screenshot showing the different stats you can get. From these we have learnt how to make some tweaks so that future videos get even better results. The first 3 seconds is key, followed by the next 27 seconds to get full Facebook thumbs-up stars. Interestingly, for a geek like me, the largest number of likes has come from outside of Nando’s own Page, where the video has been shared to.



The downside is the lack of video organisation. As shown at the top of the article I have inserted links that take you to a Playlist on YouTube, but currently Facebook doesn’t offer this and the display panel of videos uploaded is a bit lame – but you can’t have everything

If you would like to know more about how to use Video Marketing for your business then please ask me how fiona@fionacatchpowle.com


There are also some great stats here on the impact of a Facebook video http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/2014/nov/13/facebook-youtube-video-platform-marketing