On Meditation

What I want to achieve or get, what I am after and what comes to me in a natural effortless way is almost always inexplicable to me. Sometimes there are so many struggles involved in a process of finishing something . All that running and racing for getting and fixing is pretty exhausting. Meditation gives me a break, a space to stop, to breath, to relax. It takes me back into the here and now where the reality is. But another important function of it is  that it opens doors and windows inside me, it removes blocks and walls that were built by my upbringing, the society and domestication process we all are submitted to. And without these walls I can see easier the whole picture and my actions become smoother to execute. There is a connection between meditation-non action and action-doing. They are two sides of the same coin. They are inseparable. And this knowledge is experiential. One has to do it to conceive and comprehend it. So please give it a chance: LEAR MEDITATION.