Fear is Awesome!

My heart stopped!

I am afraid of heights, what was I doing on a small plane getting ready to jump 4000 ft from the ground. Did my heart really stop? Or was it beating so fast that it made me numb?

You see, I am actually a coward of many things. Heights scare me, snakes scare me, speaking scares me, rejection scares me, running my own business scares me, moving to a new country scares me. But everyone thinks I am BRAVE because I have done a lot of those things.

But why am I brave?

I live my life in fear… How does that make me brave?

Is choosing to live the untraveled road brave, could it just be stupidity? I believe that we are all here for a reason, and our purpose is to find peace.

I push myself to get uncomfortable! I enable women to get uncomfortable, to quit jobs, start business, move up in their career to become who they are meant to!

If I don’t do it myself, what good am I?

This post was a search experience for me, because I wanted to dive deeper in my new mantra for 2014.I wanted to learn from the best, so I invited amazing women (and some men) from comedians, coaches, writers, teaches, dancers, corporate directors and CEOs to share their perspective of why fear is awesome!

If you know someone who is afraid of doing someone they know they should, share it with them!
I hope this inspires you as much as it has for me to compile it!

domestic_violenceFear is the dark that shows us the light.
Fear wakes us up if we are sleeping.
Fear makes us push our boundaries far and beyond.
F is for Feel, E is for erase, A is for awaken, R is for radiate.
Fear is not our enemy but a friend.

– Nicola Green @Intuitivenicola

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2 thoughts on “Fear is Awesome!”

  1. Inspiring! Acknowledging and facing our fears is the biggest and most difficult step to evolve.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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