From Aruba with Love…


Tom and I are enjoying our winter vacation with our family on the warm and beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba. Our family lives far away from each other, so each chance we get, we love to come together and soak up the family love and celebrate our lives. Of course being close and knowing each other well, we do push each others buttons… but over the years we have learned to embrace this part of life as it helps us all recognise, acknowledge and release all our own past yesterdays and hurts.


We are noticing the weather all over the world is stormy and extreme, even chaotic, a bit like the news… where you can find a neighbourhood car burnt out, not one, but two! What’s going on?


We all have to be brave now and act courageous, anchored safely in our own space wherever we are, listening carefully to our inner voice guiding us to be in the right place and take the next step forward. While Earth and everyone is being shaken up, releasing all fears and untruths about who we are and moving into a new space of unity consciousness… if we choose.


Are you spending Quiet Me Time with yourself? Getting to know YOU? Feeling at home within your own safe haven?


You can always join me each Wednesday at 5 to 5 Spanish Time in our Facebook (NewEarthCommunity Group) to practice some quiet mindfulness with yourself. Just to breathe the conscious breath, relax and chill with our magnificent selves. You can see the replays on utube!


Alexander is our family’s youngest star and all the grandmas, grandads, aunties and uncles just love spending time with him. He is our bundle of love and joy. So very kind, playful and smart… 9 years old going on 19… maybe a little spoilt, but we do all love spoiling him!



It’s been quite a year and as usual I blog about our wonderful life and my Ascension journey, why don’t you join me as I look back on it, sharing links for you to read the details.


Life for me personally this year has been about opening up more and allowing everything to come together, the good and the bad AND being excited about it all! This new excitement quite profoundly caused my old insights, I understood intelligently, to anchor into my beingness for me to fully feel them. Oh how grateful IAM to be here, right now to experience this great evolution of Human Consciousness… that is changing the world we have all grown up in and know so well.


The year began celebrating our first year living in MediTerra, our beautiful new home in Benalmadena… settling in, embracing all the abundance we found and enjoyed in our new Environment. I wrote a couple of new poems to express our feelings…


As a Master and Creator Being, I journey forward full of intention, my heart and mind bursting with a new excitement


I hear the joyous chirping of birds, the buzz of bees flying in between the flowers and trees and high in the blue sky


And wrote about my insights that were fully anchoring in my Body Consciousness, sharing my continued journey of EmbodiedAscension. How to feel passionate about living again, what if it’s true… how your body/mind works? What to do when your life seems to be in crisis? How to live a Great Life and A Message from Spirit.


I published a post To Inspire & Support your Awakening & Ascension that includes free e-books that my WordPress friends and I wrote in the last 4 years. As they make great reading for this holiday season!


This year I have felt lots of old trauma coming up to be released! More physical symptoms too. What again! I shared it in my post Transmuting Trauma & Living a Life of Celebration. This brought me deeper into the arms of Mother Earth where I was feeling how her own heart beat was becoming deeper and grander as she raised her frequency as more and more light was being anchored into her. You can read my post The Schumann Resonance.


I republished my Love Poem I wrote and published in my book, Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom back in 2015 and turned it into a Love Song last year with the help of my dear friend and singer/producer Rashpal. You can read it in my post, Can YOU Feel Me, IAM Here, to help you remember your Divinity is always supporting you… especially when finding yourself swimming in muddy waters!



The biggest highlight of this year was our Children’s Art Exhibition and Royal Performance. On behalf of our Charity Conciencia Magnifica, we had great fun creating and putting this all together. Tom made a wonderful prince!


There are a few paintings left to purchase… for the special price of 50 euros. They make beautiful home and business decoration. You can see them all in this post.


This amazing creative time was followed by our annual summer holiday, taking the car through Spain and France to visit family and friends in the UK and Holland… What is Life, if not to Celebrate with so much colour, nature and loved ones at every turn!


Back home, after the summer, life was showing me in particular, how it was time to birth my life and self anew… finding myself in a long labour! Are YOU Ready for this Time? But not until I had dealt with all resistence, could I finally realise my grand dream. So it’s been a year of resting, observing, listening and being creative… receiving insights to help my rebirth. I wrote about it in Let’s Play AND Remember and I Remember as I remembered my triumphs and struggles, being grateful to them for bringing me into this most sacred space in all ease and grace.


Writing remains my passion, a flow of consciousness that IAM driven to share, as poems Self Love vs Self Pity, Ascension Symptoms and writings It’s not your Fault to help everyone relax more as they begin to feel the natural body/mind symptoms of this great transformation of Consciousness!


While this year has not been easy, we have experienced delightful times throughout the year. It’s all about how you respond to life and be with people you love! In November we celebrated new MasterCreators, committing to being there sovereign selves and taking on their new role as Bringer of Light, journeying beyond, birthing NewEarth right here on the physical plane! Are You Allowing YOUR Sovereignty to Shine through?



I had missed my little sister like mad for the last 18 months, as she was fulfilling her dream to learn to sail in the Mediterranean. She called in as she was passing the Costa del Sol on her way to West Africa in preparation for her crossing over the Atlantic to the Caribbean. We had such a great time together catching up and charging ourselves with SisterLove!


Which brings me to December and we find ourselves surrounded by our family in Aruba. Celebrating all there is and looking forward to bringing in a most magical 2020. Magic is here, you just have to believe it!


Tom and I wish everyone a most wonderful holiday season and magical new year!


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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