Weight Gain in Menopause

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT DURING MENOPAUSE – Just one of the hormonal imbalance symptoms


We cannot deny it, losing weight during menopause is not a simple task, but also not impossible.

Of course, every woman is built differently with a completely different metabolism.

For some women it is easy but others have to work hard at it. If you are one of them, do not be discouraged! You can achieve it! How?


Life has changed, and we can clearly see that our grandmothers and aunts possibly didn’t have the issues that “the change of life” brings today. The issues we have are the environmental changes, what we eat and drink. We cannot be sure that what we consume is actually what we think it is, or that the contents are real!  This is such a shame, people around the world are trying to eat healthily but find the challenges difficult and of course these alter from country to country and continent to continent.


Women write to me to say that they cannot find the symptoms on my website, this is occurring more and moreover the years because things are changing. We must go with the flow, so we need to keep up to date with what is happening, the news on TV is definitely not helping our anxiety or stress levels, so I suggest to my ladies, that they watch educational videos on health or surf around Dr. Jose Mercola´s site for themes that interest them. Find out more on Symptoms 

PROGESTERALL BALANCING CREAM – How it can balance hormones naturally


As women we are blessed with two female sex hormones: Progesterone and Estrogen, these hormones need to be balanced to be able to efficiently serve our body.

As we age the level of Estrogen drops, followed by the Progesterone, but unfortunately the Progesterone level drops lower every time, so eventually the Estrogen is the stronger hormone, and this is what we call “Estrogen Dominance” This is when a great number of imbalance symptoms and issues begin. This is where ProgesterAll comes in, you can now balance your hormones with natural therapy.  

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