‘From Confusion to Clarity – Through Transpersonal Life Coaching’ by Jean Gilhead

First published in International Coaching News – 12th Edition


As most Life Coaches know, when a client says, “I don’t really know what I want in life…I just want to be happy”, we can feel stumped.  Traditional Life Coaching can only, by its very nature, help someone reach a clearly definable and measureable goal – and ‘being happy’ is neither of those.  So what can the coach do? Try to discover, through deep questioning, what is missing in the client’s life, what would make them bounce out of bed with joy each morning, what is it they cannot get through day without dreaming about? With Transpersonal Life Coaching, this dilemma is tackled from many angles.

‘Transpersonal’ can be said to be another word for holistic which, in essence, means to address the whole person from all three perspectives: mind, body and spirit.  Transpersonal Life Coaching helps to guide and develop the psychological, physiological and spiritual aspects of people’s lives to enable them to work through their blocks, to thereby achieve success and accomplish their desired results in spite of their issues.

In the first coaching session, clients will often struggle to express their deepest desires, perhaps after a lifetime of suppressing them.  But, after having had explained how the many tools in the Transpersonal Coaching Toolbox work to help them, they can and do go forward to achieve everything they want, having been inspired and empowered to find and live their passion in a context of love and joy and an absence of fear.

First and foremost, Transpersonal Life Coaching is for anyone who wants more out of life while maintaining their spiritual integrity.  They will discover how to grow, thrive and bring some magic back into their lives, while actively nourishing their spiritual selves.

Heart-based entrepreneurs respond well to Transpersonal Life Coaching; these business people are often called ‘Innerpreneurs’ within the marketing profession.  An Innerpreneur will use their business to find personal fulfillment – creatively, spiritually, emotionally – and create social change.

Innerpreneurs (also called Cultural Creatives) have traits that are very compatible with the concepts behind Transpersonal Life Coaching. These defining entrepreneurial traits are:

•           high need for independence

•           high need for achievement

•           low need for conformity

•           high need to take personal responsibility

•           propensity for risk-taking

•           passion for spotting opportunities

•           passion for expressing their ideas


But Innerpreneurs are characteristically different, as they start businesses as vehicles to aid in their own personal growth rather than that of a company’s. They start their businesses so they can find personal fulfillment and satisfaction through their work.  They are driven by their need to realize their full potential, to make a difference and to constantly learn and evolve. Basically, they desire to use business to improve the world and themselves.  Transpersonal Life Coaching helps them find their path and sets them confidently on their way.



Clients are often surprised how quickly & easily they move through their issues & challenges once they start coaching with Jean. As an Intuitive & an Empath, she has developed the ability to work deeply & connectedly with individuals & groups, encouraging & motivating them to bring out the best in themselves.

Her strengths are communication of all forms & at all levels; the ability to instigate & promote an idea or concept & inspire others; versatility & adaptability; high creative energy; an analytical & enquiring mind & an ability to work on her own initiative or as part of a team.

Based in southern Spain, Jean works online & in-person with clients & divides her time between Marbella, Barcelona & London.