On Mindfulness

I have a dream. But there was a time in my life when I didn’t allow myself to dream; it was too silly, unpractical and above all completely unrealistic. But now I know that a dream has nothing to do with reality. A dream is not about fulfilling it; it is about having it. So I just allow myself to dream.

Everything that is not nature, had been once dreamed, imagined, longed for by somebody. Everything that belongs to civilization and culture and not to nature was once somebodies dream.


We put pressure and expectations on a dream, a judgement of its values. We forget that before any dream is brought up to a physical existence it has to occur first; has to take shape in the imagination of its keeper, has to come and pay a visit to its host. And if the doors are closed and there is no permission for it to be, if it is suppresses and judged and controlled from the very start it turns the life of its keeper into some sad, suppressed and constricted one. It has to be welcomed, held and cherished first even if the thinking, logical mind falls about learning about it, ridicules and dismisses it. Before it is judged and criticized let it show up first.


I vote for allowing dreams to exist even if they will never, ever come to life. I vote for dreams of various sizes and qualities to be noticed, listened to and entertained. I vote for allowing them to come and go, grow or fade, simply exist. I don’t need to attach myself to them, or pursue them like a lunatic. I just want to have some space in my life for dreams, visions and ideas: the ordinary one as well as crazy and impossible one. The possibility of allowing my-self to dream brings feeling of freedom and liberty into my life. And this very act of allowing a dream may simply show me a direction that my logical, thinking mind is not able to see, is too limited to perceive.

So I sit with my dream; I meditate on it. I don’t burden it with any expectations and rules; I enjoy it. I allow it to be.