Get A Radiant Glow – Improve Your Lymph Flow

Manual Lymphatic Drainage For the Face

Lymph is a bit of a mystery for most of us – a fluid flowing just below the skin collecting toxins that are eliminated when we sweat or urinate. When lymph flow becomes sluggish, toxins hang around in the body longer. You may see puffiness, dull skin, dark circles, or water retention. Restore healthy lymph flow and you will speed up your internal detox mechanism.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) facial treatments improve skin tone, reduce puffiness, and boost circulation, resulting in clearer, firmer, more radiant skin. It is an effective treatment for conditions such as acne, rosacea, congested skin and sinusitis. MLD is frequently used by celebrities before red carpet events as  it delivers toned, radiant skin without the risk of redness or break-outs that can often occur after a facial – most people say their skin looks its best the day after a lymphatic drainage facial.

If you are planning on having cosmetic surgery MLD can help you achieve the best possible outcome from your procedure. MLD has been shown to decrease the healing phase – by having MLD pre-operatively, the system is at peak performance preparing the tissues before surgery. Post-operatively, MLD continues to accelerate the healing process by eliminating swelling and bruising. In turn this leads to less pain, less down time, decreases scar formation and a return to daily living in a fraction of the time.

MLD has many other benefits for the whole of the body and general health, not just the face, so I will write about those in my next post.

I am a qualified massage therapist specialising in MLD (Vodder Technique), I work from home in Nueva Andalucia. If you have any queries or would like to find out more about MLD please contact me:

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