Catalonia Is Not Spain – A Historical Perspective: We can help to get this published, Costa Women!

This is a plea for help to get my friend and fellow writer Simon Harris into print with his new book: Catalonia Is Not Spain – A Historical Perspective.

Simon came to Barcelona in 1988 for two weeks – and stayed. He’s a historian, English teacher, jazz musician and property finder – and a fervent supporter of the Catalan bid for independence. His new book chronicles Spanish and Catalan history, and presents a convincing argument for independence. It’s rare to see an Englishman with such a grasp of the complications of Spanish and Catalan history, and I’ve been privileged to read it as it takes shape, along with the other members of the Facebook group Writers On Spain.

Simon finished the draft of the book on Diada Nacional De Catalunya – Catalonia’s national day – just before taking part with 1.8 million other people in a peaceful demonstration in Barcelona. He’s not Catalan by birth, but he’s Catalan in his heart and soul, and this comes through in the book.

Currently, Simon is running a crowd funding project to pay for professional proof reading and editing, and the initial print run for the book. You can contribute as little as 5 Euro to the project, for which you’ll get a copy the e-book, or for 16 Euro you can have a signed copy of the book, and have your name in print in the acknowledgements. So you’ll get something for your cash – as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to publish a story that needs to be told. Thanks in advance for your support.

Check out the crowd funding project here:

Read the draft chapters of the book here: