Giving to others makes me rich.


Giving to others has benefits from improving my self-image to creating a better world. I feel good about myself when I give to others because I see an admirable, loving side of myself.

I grow by giving. Selflessness is birthed within me each time I give, performing a remarkable transformation on my overall being. Giving makes me rich with happiness.


My giving sets an example for my children, family and friends to do the same. When I give, I start a ripple effect that expands from those closest to me and reaches people I do not even know. Giving makes me rich in love and grace.


A single act of giving can change the lives of more people than I would ever know. Each time I give, I bring my world one step closer to complete harmony. Giving makes me rich in peace.

The more I give away, the more I have. I am like a cup that automatically fills up again every time I pour some out. When I share my blessings, I receive more blessings in return. Giving makes me rich in the things that matter most.


Giving to others has a powerful effect on my life. My mood is positively affected each time I give. When I see the expression on others’ faces and try to imagine what they are going through, I am rich with gratitude.

Today, I am rich in every area of my life because I choose to share my blessings with others.


Self-Reflection Questions:

1.Why is it important to give?
2.Who should I give to?
3.When was the last time I shared my blessings with others?


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