Happy birthday La Rosilla

I had a great afternoon yesterday with a group of interesting women who love reading.  La Rosilla Bookclub invited me to join them on their first anniversary, which they celebrated with an English-style tea and homemade cakes.  The celebration took place in Solano, a tiny village tucked deep in the mountains of Málaga.  I drove down narrow, windy roads for what seemed like an eternity, until I reached the village.  The occasional 50 kilometres per hour signs that I passed I’m sure were put up to encourage me to speed up a little as even the goats behind me were getting impatient.  Actually, hamlet would be a better way to describe Solano, because if I had been chatting away to anyone I would surely have driven straight through it without realising.  Except, of course, you can’t drive through Solano; it is the first village I have ever been in that stops in a dead-end.  But it was certainly worth the drive; the views from our host’s lovely finca were stupendous: a panoramic vista of the beautiful Málaga mountains.  A wonderful place to live and an ideal setting to sit amongst friends discussing their latest book.  Thank you ladies of La Rosilla for inviting me.