It’s official! “Málaga is the most complete tourist destination”

Confirming what the world already knows, Málaga – Capital of the Costa del Sol – has been crowned ‘all-round holiday destination’ by members of the public asked why they’re visiting the city by

Spain’s television news channel, Noticias Cuatro.

Overwhelming responses from people gathered at the airport, hotel reception desks, in the city centre, at beaches, shops and bars were “Málaga has everything!” 

Introducing its coverage stating tourism’s vital importance to the whole country, Cuatro claim Málaga has weathered the financial storm and is generating plenty of business, welcoming the city’s promising start to a great summer as its tourist offer “grows more complete by the day” with “always something to offer” as millions of national and international visitors start pouring in to experience its gastronomy, culture and leisure pursuits.

Málaga’s visitor numbers jumped a healthy 12% in just the first three months of 2012.

“It’s good because Málaga is so near”, says one hotel guest; “for its museums and history”, adds a passer-by; “lots to do”, one gentleman finds; “for the beach and sunbathing”, say a group of smiling girlfriends; “Málaga is a very beautiful city”, proclaims another customer; “what people really love about Málaga is coming to eat in the chiringuitos,” explains a beach bar owner; while a father relaxing with his baby enjoys having “lots to see, the great climate, everything!”     

Hoteles Montes director Antonio Iglesias assures the industry: “There’s no lack of people, there’s lots of client movement, we’re not too expensive, we’re high level and Málaga is in fashion.”

Translated by Chris Dove from Noticias Cuatro, 26/5/12,, time scroll to 09:00.