How the ENERGY of 2017 I feel, can serve us all…

Many moons ago when I was living in Amsterdam as a young woman I joined a weekly Self-Discovery group ‘Eigenwijs’; to help me discover the more I had always felt IAM and indeed others and the Environment around me. We didn’t talk the normal spiritual talk, we talked about consciousness, energy and how to feel. We learned to feel as conscious and aware beings we are and how as energy users, we use energy to orchestrate our life. I was encouraged to observe myself, my likes and dislikes, my joys and pains, my desires and fears. I was encouraged to acknowledge the patterns and beliefs I had become, energies handed down to me by my ancestors, parents, teachers and society. I was encouraged to FEEL everything, the energy within myself, within others and within my Environment. We looked into the patterns of dis-ease, handed down from our families and began to understood how we all unconsciously claim dis-ease as our own.

I practiced reading and healing energy and it became clear to me that energy is actually nothing but potential. Energy in itself has no power… It is Human Consciousness or Human Awareness that is the power and brings energy in, for each person to experience life as desired. I was encouraged with ease and a playfulness to discern which energies served me and which did not and to dismantle, release and allow all of the energies to transform… my dislikes, pains, dis-ease and fears that no longer served me… just like that… gone. As I began to free myself from the emotional and mental workings of my mind and the Human Game of failure and success, I allowed myself to focus on my intention to live a life I’ve always dreamed of… and depending on how I felt in each moment, I chose my experience.

As more and more people are realising they are the CREATOR and MASTER of their own life and are the point of POWER… I feel the expansion of the conscious intent and focus on bringing their heart & soul desires and dream of living in joy and harmony into the physical world. I feel the intention of many to be LOVE incarnate.. I also feel the fear and the belief in lack seeping into the physical world like a weeping wound… AND I know this fear is all part of healing the Earth and all Humankind.

As we begin the NEW year 2017, it is quite clear that the balance of energies LOVE vs FEAR… is overwhelmingly in the favour of love AND because of this, we can each allow this to serve us. We can allow our collective fear and belief in lack to play out within us and all around us… in the name of FREEDOM. With compassion, joy and confidence we can each observe our fears and lacks of our yesterdays… coming up for release. We can allow ourself to embrace their freedom and allow them to transform into NEW Potential. New Potential for us to claim our Magnificent and All Powerful Self and create a truly loving, peaceful and harmonious life here on Earth.

Do you want to be part of my Weekly/Monthly New Guest Blogger Feature… Your Magnificent Self

As of 1st February, I intend to host a Weekly or Monthly Guest Blogger Feature (depends on demand) and put YOU, my fellow bloggers in the LIGHT. If you haven’t yet claimed your magnificence, this is your chance. Maybe just like myself you have been blogging to help yourself make sense of your world and inspire others at the same time to see the magic that YOU discover and sense around you. You may of also self-published your writings/poetry in a book and need all the help you can to get your book out there.

Just to make my Blogger feature a little different, I ask you to write your feature around the word Compassion. Can you take a look at what the word Compassion means for you… not the meaning found in dictionaries, but how the word feels to you and write about how it inspires you to be, how it has helped you realise Your Magnificent (and All Powerful) Self and maybe inspired you to self-publish your words in a book. Please send me your writing together with a short Blogger/Author biography, links to your website and social media, one review of your book, copy of front book cover and one link to purchase your book… to barbara(at)memymagnificentself(dot)com.

At the end of the year I intend to create another FREE E-Book to share with others our writings on Compassion and Your Magnificent Self to inspire others to claim their own Magnificence. I will also create a page on my website to showcase my friends book’s and link’s to purchase your book that I will include after you have appeared on my New Blogger Feature… Your Magnificent Self.

Don’t worry if you haven’t self-published your book yet… maybe this just inspires you to turn some of your blog posts into a book about your journey to being Magnificent You. Please message me below or send me an email if you are interested to be featured. Together we can support each other and create an abundant, joyful and harmonious life.

Please help me share my intention of creating a New Guest Blogger Feature with your friends… Thank you so much.

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