How to create a well designed Facebook Business Page

When it comes to running the Social Media side of your online profile, it is vital that you get it right. For example, having the right style of pages on your Facebook page is vital – promoting the right products on your Twitter page etc. It’s also extremely important that you link up the right features for your Facebook page. Getting a professional Facebook Business Page Design is vital to making your online presence bigger and in turn, creating a bigger income for yourself.

A Facebook business page can be difficult to implement properly, and you need to make sure that you can get yourself into a position where you are not just copying another page in your niche. Today, we want to look at some of the most important features that you can have on your Facebook page.

The above page shows that it has been set up to give you everything you possibly need – links to other pages like your Pinterest and your Twitter, your online store, your blog, an e-mail subscription, and even a map. This gives you all the features that a business of this type will need to be successful. Some of the features are vital to any business, and some of them are specific to the niche, but here is a general idea of the types of items you need on there to make your Facebook page;


You start with Photos, but at the same time, you need the right photos. I go onto a lot of different business websites and then the Facebook page, and I am horrified to come across a variety of poorly written pages and photos which have nothing to do with the business. You need to make sure that the photos you put up on your Facebook page are relevant to your business, and can even be used to link yourself to other pages or back to your online store.


The shop is an integral part of any online store. Consider this, people use Facebook not just for socialising now but for finding products they need and want. With pretty much every single business having a Facebook page now, it’s important to have a store. This opens up the chance to make sales directly through Facebook, saving them having to come to your website to buy products and potentially discouraging them to buy from you.


Blogs are hugely important ways to bring in traffic and build up trust. Having your blog linked to your Facebook page not only creates powerful natural backlinks – improving your SEO ranking – but it also allows readers to keep in touch with what you and your business are involved in. However, one thing to consider too is that a blog can also help you become an authority, as well as give yourself a platform to promote affiliate marketing products to your readers, making some money on the fly, without you having to actually do anything.

E-Mail List

Having your website linked up to an E-Mail Autoresponder is vital. Having it linked up to your Facebook page is even more important. E-Mail lists are one of the most powerful ways to generate business, traffic and money. If you have a list, you merely send out one e-mail through your Autoresponder – try Aweber if you need one – and it goes to every single person on the list. This makes marketing products, opportunities and other cool features for your website a piece of cake.


This is an important part of a business, no matter what you do. If you run through business through a brick and mortar section, then yes, you need a map. This lets people see exactly where you are based on Google Maps. In the example given, the Facebook page gives you a Map of Stylists. If you run a business which promotes weight loss, for example, you could be giving out a Map app which shows you where the nearest Gym to you is. This is extremely easy to set up too, using Google Maps.

Social Media

The other pages – Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter – are all Social Media websites like Facebook. All of these links take you directly to the other wings of your Social Media section of your online profile. This means that you can really optimise what each part of your Social Media process does. For example, you could have all of your video testimonials and reviews on YouTube, images which sum up your business on Instagram and all promotions on Twitter. This makes it extremely powerful as you give everybody easy accesses to the other parts of your business, letting them see everything you have to offer.


How many likes your website has is the amount of people who found you interesting enough to follow your activity and link themselves to your page to see your future updates. One important way to make yourself noticed and get more Likes is to share your page on other similar Facebook pages.

As you can see, having all of these pages and similar styles of pages is important to making your Facebook page go from 100 likes to 100,000 likes. Remember, Facebook is not vanity; it’s an important business tool. For every Like, that is a potential client in the future – if you market to them properly, you can really use Facebook for business and create yourself an income stream using just Social Media.