How to Stop Indecision in its track!

How to Stop Indecision in its track! 


Have you ever been stuck in the limbo of “decision paralysis?”  It happens more often than you realize.  I want to help you get past the decision-making turmoil so that you can actually make ONE decision to help you jump-ship into a Luxury liner.   


There is no point in staying paralyzed because you are overwhelmed with so many decisions, each one of them carrying so many choices, and you are afraid  of proceeding to make a mistake with your choices.


First of all consider that every choice has a couple of options.  And for every option, there is an up-side and a down-side.


Focus on ONE decision at a time.  Put pen to paper and prioritize in order of importance what needs to be done first, then next, and so on.


On that same piece of paper, state the options for your first prioritized decision.  Then write-out the ups and down of each decision.  If you have more ups than not, then you will know very clearly which way to go.


If on the other hand, you have the same number of ups as you do downs, this is where you have to summon the power of your instinct and intuition, and start asking your Higher Power for guidance as to what would be the best option for you at this precise moment in time.  The answer will come.  Once it does, TRUST your intuition and then TRUST the process it will take for things to fall into place for you.  Remember, keyword here is TRUST.


Moving on to the second phase of your decision-making process:  Have a very clear vision of what it is you want to accomplish.  And this begins with:

  • Creating the intention to be present and in the present.  
  • Showing-up in life! (and for life.) 
  • Letting go of what you cannot control. 

Living with intention and in the present makes it so much easier to arrive at your decision-making process, even if it’s just to shake-off the paralysis you’ve felt before. 

Having a clear intention helps you tremendously to make that one single, solitary decision; no matter how big or small.

Creating the intention to be present helps you overcome the sense of sadness that comes when you don’t fully show up in life.  When that happens, it leaves a great void, and the rest of the people in your life are being let-down by your absence.  Don’t’ do that. 

Always show up, even if you think you can’t.  Even if you are late, show-up anyways!  It is one of the most meaningful things you can do for your family, your friends, and more importantly….for yourself. 

By doing so, you are strengthening your ‘decision-making’ muscle and forming a new habit for successful outcomes. 

Remember all of your assets, focus on all the things you know how to do so well, and above all, remember what makes you TICK! 

This will help you let go of what you cannot control, so that you can do something about those things that indeed, you can control. 

Let that be your driving force in shaking-off the decision-making blues.

Look for the “happiness element” on the things you need to decide.  Once you start making decision, even if a little one, you start chasing away the paralysis felt before, and your intellect will begin to think with a much clearer picture of what you really want, and once you start feeling better, you will continue to make more decisions that will have you feeling even better than before.  One joyous moment will lead to another, and soon, you will be saying to yourself, and with a great deal of satisfaction: “Mission Accomplished!”

Wishing you always much love and success,

Ali R. Rodriguez

International Business Coach,

Passionista Leader

Intuitive Activist