England here we come…
Beginning of July, our summer holidays had arrived at last…. after many months it was time to reunite with our family. We had arranged to drive to England and Holland to meet up with everyone. We took our time and drove a couple of days through Spain heading north via Madrid to catch the ferry at Santander to Portsmouth. It was a long crossing and we wished we’d known that you need to book a table at the ‘a la carte’ restaurant as soon as you board and book the ferry crossing much earlier in order to get an outside cabin with twin beds. Needless to say Tom and I spend our wedding anniversary enjoying a fish and chip supper in the canteen, entertainment in the bar and a good nights sleep in a very small inside cabin with bunkbeds. Our excitement grew louder as we sailed into Portsmouth in the afternoon, even though we were met by grey clouds and drizzle… we were getting nearer to my family.

It was so good to hug everyone up, my mum, dad, Angie and Jon… not forgetting Auntie Sue and Uncle Les who also keep an eye on my mum, as her body doesn’t allow her to do everything she wants and needs to do these days. She rests a lot, sings to keep joyful and trusts that god/her divinity will guide her to her next adventure. We had great family time together… catching up on pure loving and being present with each other. Its one of the down sides to living on the European continent since I was 18 and not having daily contact with them.

The secret to rejuvenating your body/mind…
Many people don’t believe that a sick or old body can rejuvenate, but I know there is no judgement or exception for anyone who chooses to surrender their Human ego self to their Divine self and allow a magical transformation to take place and give birth to the DivineHumanBeing. 


The secret is… 
Choose to surrender, to embrace and let go of all your ancestral patterns and beliefs that keep you fearful and lacking in your physical Human experience AND allow yourself to feel joyful and abundant as you quantum leap back into your original loving multi-dimensional self and be ready to experience your next adventure as Master and Creator of your heart and soul desires.

The Expansion of Families can cause an imbalance…
Families grow, new children and partners join the group and the family vibration changes… (look how a ripple of water changes after throwing in a stone). New expectations and possibilities are experienced, both negative and positive, but the Human, having been programmed to focus on fear and lack will most likely concentrate on the new imbalance or disturbance and get caught up in the game… feeling upset, excluded or overwhelmed and quite easily slip into the victim role, unless you stay aware and recognise what is happening and keep your head out of the game and make it clear to people concerned that you are not a doormat and have your honourary place within the family.


It is essential that everybody begins to recognise, respect and honour each other and realise everyone is vulnerable, unique and has different roles to play, in order for each to realise Who You Truly Are. For this to happen, you must first focus on loving yourself well, discover every inch of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally, your strong and weaker sides, the depths of your own feelings and your innate multi-dimensional spiritual self… your heart and soul desires and your sovereign place within the world and your relationship with others. During my own self discovery, it became clear to me that everyone is the centre of their world and therefore fully responsible for themself and their actions in relationship to others as you go about experiencing your story and heart and soul desire AND in this scenario each person always has a choice whether or not to partake in another persons story.

Travelling on to Holland…
It was time for the next leg of our journey, to visit Holland and greet our own children and grandchild as they stepped off the plane from St Maarten. We hadn’t seem most of them since the beginning of 2016 so it was a great reunion. How Alexander had grown… much longer and wiser for such a young age. I always knew he would be a great example of how our children today are being born fully READY to take on their new roles as #MasterCreators, with their bodies freshly wired with new DNA, a crystalline structure, extra sensory and innate wisdom. It is therefore important that parents are conscious of this, nurture them well and bring them up with the knowing they are Multi-Dimensional and All Powerful which will ensure they don’t slip too deeply into the Human game.


It’s time to understand our children and alter our teaching methods…
Many children are being labelled with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism, but there behaviour is born out of a confusion, because they don’t understand why the words and actions of their parents and teachers are different from how they know they feel (our children feel vibrations) and our old method of learning to read and write is not understood as they perceive objects in a multi-dimensional way and not in a 2 dimensional way, (words are displayed on a flat surface). This makes them concentrate too much on finding the answer and confuses them which affecting their motion/balance and perception (hearing and seeing) to the outside world. (The teacher or parent doesn’t understand why they are not focusing on what they are saying and tells them off for not listening). Our children also don’t like being in confined spaces, they love having fun and playing outside in nature, with water and animals.


I have come across a new way to teach our dyslexic multi-dimensional children to read and write (as 10% of our children are now diagnosed with reading/writing disabilities) which IAM looking at and intend to help change how we teach them.

Grandma & Alexander

We had a lovely few days in Holland before flying to Dubrovnik in Croatia for a 5 day family holiday. What a beautiful country, similar to the Spanish coastal countryside before it was all built up. We found time to swim in the cool sea each morning and take lovely walks along the coast/harbour, visit the old city of Dubrovnik, a neighbouring town and neighbouring country Montenegro. The weather was very warm but we didn’t allow it to spoil our family adventure. Of course like most families there were tensions at times but considering we were a big group of different personalities, we did very well. In fact a few of us saw the magic of being reminded ‘not to fall into the game’ that some choose to play… including the little one at times… and hold the space of compassion for yourself and everyone.



Dubrovnik harbour

Dubrovnik old city

How to Transform Patterns/Beliefs for the whole family…
It was a hot day in Montenegro and all the family had done their best to deal with their own feelings and concerns… A few of us felt we had reached a family tipping point and best to eat our final meal of the day nearer to home so we could all easily walk home and sleep after a tiring day… but of course this didn’t happen and a few words here and there were said and the group exploded. Everyone was affected because exhaustion had crept deep into the bodies … not only from the active day but we could feel the high energy rays pouring down, filling each person with new quantum light codes for upgrade.


We eventually arrived home and most went to sleep… the wise souls amongst us stayed together and held the wobbly space with compassion. We innately knew that our own old patterns and beliefs that no longer served us… feeling unworthy, not good enough, needing recognition, poor me and victim personality had surfaced big time to be embraced and released, not only for ourself but for the whole family. We knew that our children and grandchildren wouldn’t be burdened with these great patterns/beliefs again. Instead we put all our children, one by one in a beautiful bubble of highest loving potential in which to love themself well, know of their sovereign power and greatness and be able to flow their own compassion within the family.


Great family arguments are happening big time now and it is so important that the adults among us, stay in a neutral position and purposely intend to embrace and release the patterns/beliefs (of victimhood in our case) that are so very ready to leave our reality now. So when you find yourself in the middle of an argument…

  • Step back and be quiet
  • Take some deep conscious breathes and look deep into the happening
  • If you’re not sure what pattern or belief is being played out, ask the situation what is happening
  • Hold the space with your own compassion
  • If you fell into the game yourself, forgive yourself and understand it was necessary to feel the heavy negative energy
  • Allow the network of the pattern/belief, that is deeply intertwined with everyone to detach itself
  • Imagine the network retreating and dissolving
  • Imagine a beautiful bubble surrounding each person concerned, fill it with the intention for the person to reach their highest loving potential, to realise who they truly are and flow their own compassion all around themself


We spent the last leg of our vacation, enjoying each others uniqueness in Holland, until it was time to move on in our own separate ways and embrace our individual lifes once again. 

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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