Im officially a published author whoop! Whoop!

Hello Costa women community,

A lot has happened since the last time I posted in here and i have put it down to make it a better habit of mine to blog more regularly.

Having just published my first ever fictional novel Pink Club which is book one in a brand new series called ‘Pink Club’ I’ve discovered that writing a book takes a lot more work and dedication than I could ever have possibly imagined.

Ive always had a love of reading books which my parents instilled in me as I was brought up by mum and dad reading me bedtime stories such as Charlie and the chocolate factory, the lion the witch and the wardrobe, I was encouraged to invent my own stories that they helped me with and one of which I intend to make into a children’s story in the near future.

Pink Club follows our main protagonist Darla Pebble as she finds her way in young adult life having had her dreams to become a professional dancer dashed after being binned by her wicked dance teacher who owns an elite dance academy. Darla’s grandparents first enrolled and paid for her dance lessons when she was just eight years old and as she grew up, but after a tragic change in circumstances meant they could no longer fund her lessons, her teacher agreed to keeping Darla on as she won many competitions and money for the academy and was also a great advert for other dance mums looking at enrolling their children into the dance academy. However when she turns eighteen and having had the scholarship promised to her to keep her dancing for the children’s category her dance teacher tells her the space was given to another student and unless she can fit the bill to continue dancing she must leave which she does as she has no choice coming from a working class background and being in a caring capacity for her not very well put together mother.

The journey of how I got pink club from idea to published novel is a long and arduous one and perhaps a story for another book to better support writers down the line. My main message for readers to take away from pink club is that if you have a dream big enough and your passionate enough then so long as you don’t give up, you can make the impossible possible because its not our finances or living situation that determines the outcomes to our dreams – we do!

Search and download Pink Club by Emma Bruce today on amazon paperback and kindle or email me for a signed copy of the book. P&P charges will apply to any copies of the book sent overseas.

I cant wait to start reading reviews of my book, its a nervous but also an exciting time for me.


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