Inspired By Spain Too….

Inspired by Spain too…

Continuing on from last weeks Blog, Inspired by Spain we wanted to share another wedding palette inspired by the beauty and nature of Spain. So today, it’s all about Lemons! Their fresh citrus scent, their thirst quenching juice and their beautiful bright colourful skin!

Lemons are a super special fruit with many health benefits and almost 50 different uses. They were first introduced to Spain by the Arabs hundreds of years ago. With a high sensitivity to the cold lemons grow only in very particular regions, Andalucia being one of them! With two types of Lemons being grown in Spain, the Fino and the Verna, an all year round supply of Lemons is guaranteed for your Lemon inspired Wedding day celebration!

Lemony LOVE!

Inspired by Spain, boutique weddings in spain
Inspired by Spain too…

Symbolically Lemons are a great accessory or theme to your wedding day. Symbolising longevity, purification, love and friendship, the perfect elements for a long lasting marriage.

If you are planning your wedding during the summer months in Spain and you would like to incorporate a Lemon theme, they will certainly play more than one role on your wedding day. The bright and beautiful fruit is perfect for vibrant decoration, incorporate them into your wedding styling. Using them will add a sense of nature and wholeness to your day. Ask your Stylist to add them to your centerpieces, floral displays, use as name card holders, to decorate your aisle and perhaps burn lemon essence to refresh the air and help to keep insects at bay!

Lemonade days!

Inspired by Spain, boutique weddings in spain
Inspired by Spain, From The French Tangerine!

Old fashioned Lemonade makes a great refresher for a hot wedding day! Display in a Vintage dispenser with plenty of ice and keep your guests refreshed, hydrated and also energised throughout your wedding day! And to bring some life to your evening reception, why not serve your guests signature Vodka lemonades!

Just a few more Lemon facts for you !

The magical Lemon can be used to scent a room, to keep you hydrated, to keep colds at bay, help keep your skin clear from spots, as a fruit and vegetable wash, to keep guacamole green, to treat high blood pressure, to relieve stress and even depression, to help people with respiratory illnesses such as asthma, as an anti-aging treatment, to keep insects away, to detoxify your blood, to relieve headaches, for general cleaning and freshening around the house, to replace your dry cleaner, to help with stomach health, as a stain remover, to treat dry scalp, to cleanse and exfoliate your face, to keep kidney stones at bay and to treat Arthritis and Rheumatism! For full descriptions and uses go to USES for LEMONS!

With so many different uses and health benefits, Lemons really should feature daily in your life, especially to keep you healthy in the run up to your wedding day and of course for creating your stunning lemon inspired Spanish wedding!

I love lemons and drink half the juice of a lemon in warm water each morning before I do anything else!!

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Lucy x 
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Lemonade days!: