Wedding Palettes Inspired By Spain…

At The Boutique Wedding Co. we specialise in gorgeous weddings in Andalucia, Southern Spain. You might be wondering to yourself, why would someone want to marry in Andalucia, why Southern Spain perhaps? Unless of course like us, you have already fallen in love with and been seduced by the charm and magic of this wonderful land!

Well I can tell you, Andalucia has it all to offer you! Beautiful white-washed hilltowns bursting full of friendly local families. Ancient Moorish palaces, swathed in sweet orange, lemon blossom and sweet smelling lavender. Sequined matadors, passionate flamenco dancers, vibrant Fiestas, sherry bodegas, world class Paella, Tapas, Seafood and amazing Iberican Gastronomy. Snow topped mountains, Green rolling hills, Fragrant Pine forests, wild and wonderful golden sandy beaches, views to Africa, hectares of olive groves, fields of smiling sunflowers and freshwater aqua coloured lakes. Afternoon siestas, history, heritage, romance, wonderful old traditions and of course the ever present sunshine and blue skies! Ahhh, what more could you wish for!!

All of this loveliness inspires me to want to share with you the beauty of Spain and especially the oh so pretty Andalucia. So today we have, especially for you, 3 different looks all inspired by Spain, it’s beauty and nature.

Olive and Blush

Inspired by Spain, boutique weddings in spain
Inspired by Spain

With over 1.4 Million hectares of Olive Groves in Andalucia alone you can just imagine the significance this beautiful plant has to the culture and communities here. It’s a historical god! According to Greek myth, the olive tree was a gift from the goddess Athena to the city of Athens. This ancient tree also features in the bible and is said to be a source of food, light, hygiene and healing, a magical plant.

No matter how hot or how dry the land gets the Olive always keeps its evergreen top and produces its delicious nutritious fruit. The Olive tree symbolises faithfulness and steadfastness, abundance, glory and peace! A perfectly symbolic plant to feature in your wedding day!

Blend the olive leaves and branches with soft blush tones, delicate antique roses and you’ll create a romantic feminine Spanish wedding look. Create garlands of Olive leaves, laced with blush coloured flowers for your wedding arch and decorative chair backs and tie with pretty blush ribbons! Ask your florist to create an olive tree crown like the historical victors of Ancient Greece!

Glorious Sunflowers

Inspired by Spain, boutique weddings in spain
Inspired by Spain

Driving across Spain from early June through to September you’ll see billions of bright yellow Smiling Sunflowers, especially lining the roads near Sevilla and Ronda. The Sunflowers history in Spain dates back hundreds of years to when the Spanish explorers brought them back from Mexico and Peru and introduced them to Europe. The Native Americans first cultivated Sunflowers thousands of years ago.

Just like the Olive Tree, the Sunflower offers multiple nutritional, health and beauty benefits, with varying uses for the seeds and oil!  Their open faces symbolize the sun itself, conveying warmth and happiness, adoration and longevity. Another wonderful symbolic accompaniment to your wedding Day!

Simplicity is key when decorating your wedding with Sunflowers. Blend with white daisies or gypsophilia and add just a tiny element of colour. Don’t over do the sunflowers either, their a huge statement so adding just a few to the floral mix will be far more effective.

Fragrant Lavender

Inspired by Spain, boutique weddings in spain
Inspired by Spain

From April in Spain we start to spot the Lavender growing abundantly across fields and by the roadsides, it’s mid July now and it is still in bloom! There are many different types of Lavender but all have a similar rich, sweet fragrance. The Lavender flower has its own meaning and symbolism. The most popular being love and devotion. Lavender flowers are also associated with purity, silence and caution and offer the promise of new adventure!

The Lavender color is the color of femininity and represents grace, elegance, romance, something unique and special. It also represents refinement, luxury and wealth. Lavender is an ideal flower for a Informal, Rustic, Countryside or Garden wedding.

A wedding bouquet of pure lavender tied with a pretty ribbon is simplistic and beautiful or add to a bouquet of ‘radiant orchid’ or pastel pink and mauve roses for a fragrant touch. Lavender Bunches are ideal for Table centre’s, display in vintage glass bottles or mini herb pots. Serve pretty Cupcakes infused with Lavender and add a Lavender sprig to each wedding napkin. Dried Lavender can be used as wedding confetti and thrown exactly the same way as rice, it is also biodegradable so your venue owner will be happy too!

So there’s some inspiration, some symbolism and few ways to add an essence of Spain to your wedding day!

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Lucy x 
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