Is Increased Imposter Syndrome An Effect of The Pandemic?

‘Who do you think you are?!’ This is the mantra of imposter syndrome. What the inner critic screams inside the head of anyone who secretly feels they aren’t good enough, or smart enough, or experienced enough, or worthy of putting themselves out there and publicly declaring their knowledge, abilities or value.

It is particularly prevalent in women, and the conditions caused by the pandemic appear to be making it worse. A new international study, Future Females 2020: Changing Landscape of Entrepreneurship Survey reported that 89% of female entrepreneurs have experienced mindset challenges, with imposter syndrome being the number one mindset challenge that women say they have experienced.

The pandemic is imposter syndrome’s dream – the perfect justification of the conscious mind to rationalize the underlying limiting beliefs and fears developed in childhood that are the actual cause of imposter syndrome.

As a Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Success Coach who works with many women entrepreneurs, I’ve seen the inner narrative of imposter syndrome change from ‘who do you think you are?’ to ‘who do you think you are to do this/say this/charge this now? People are dying out there! How dare you draw attention to yourself/sell your services/charge your worth!’ Consequently I’m seeing women entrepreneurs pull back and play small in their self-promotion and undercharge for their services, at a time when they should be doing the exact opposite because…

  • They need to rise above the increased online competition and get noticed
  • They need to penetrate the overwhelm and brain fog that many consumers are experiencing in this climate of fear and uncertainty
  • They need to convince potential clients to overcome the prevalent scarcity mindset to purchase their goods or services

And all of this requires confident, consistent, congruent self-promotion, just as their subconscious is using the pandemic to convince them to stop putting themselves out there.

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