I’ve added a Group, or joined one… now what?

Any member can set up a Group on Costa Women.  We currently have over 40 interest Groups. The Groups take on a personality and life of their own based on the Creator and the members in the Group, as well as around the topic being covered:-

Who can join?

All Groups are open to all members of Costa Women, although some Creators may want to approve your membership first.  Please don’t be daunted by this; the Group may have been set up with an approval process to make the Members of the Group feel safe to share their own experiences.

Who manages the Group?

The Group has been set up by the person shown in the image at the top of the page and next to the words “created by“.  If should be borne in mind that each Creator of each Group has different expectations of the members who join.   If you have any questions about the Group please contact the Creator.


Costa Women is a social networking Group and it is encouraged to be as “social” as possible.  Some Creators are happy for you just to be a part of the Group and enjoy what is posted there, others anticipate that at some point in time you will join in a discussion, or attend an event organised for a topic which interests you.  This should be clear from the Group description.


If you have a business that provides a product or services relevant to the interests of the Group always check with the Creator to see if they are happy for you to post a promotion for your product or service.  However, please note that the GUIA has been set up as a general place for promotion and is a free listings page for each Costa Women Business.  If you want to add your Business please contact me costawomen@gmail.com and I can provide you with the information I need.

I would like to set up a Group

Firstly, please checked that a Group relevant to your interest has not already created (have a look through these pages http://costawomen.ning.com/groups)

If not, please add your Group here http://costawomen.ning.com/groups/group/new

Groups can be in various different languages, you aren’t restricted to English.

If you want help, or advice as to how best to promote your Group please contact me.

Any other Questions?

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about the Groups please contact me by either posting a comment below, or sending my an email to costawomen@gmail.com

Enjoy creating and sharing!