Kindness is Good for the Soul

Yesterday began, “Random Acts of Kindness Week”. If ever there was a time for sharing a little kindness, it is surely now. When we do something good for others, it not only benefits them, but it also boosts our own health and wellbeing. Kindness is good for the soul.

This week dedicated to kindness and taking that extra, conscious step to brighten somebody’s day. It was created by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation with the intention of encouraging more harmony and kindness between people by offering thoughtful gestures of kindness, no matter how big or small. I am sure we can all think of many ways to spread some kindness, but here are some below. Please also comment if you want to add to our list – either something you have done or think others could do.

· Text a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and remind her that she’s awesome.

· You may not be able to see your family and friends and some could be struggling to deal with the current situation. Take the time to phone them, especially those who are alone, and really listen. Cheer them up by talking about topics they enjoy, recall shared memories to help them stay connected, and remind them they are not alone.

· Email a thank you to someone who has made a difference in your life.

· Do the old-fashioned thing and buy a pretty card, write a lovely note (it can be short!) and mail it to someone. Nothing beats a handwritten message.

· Share, interact or re-post a friend’s social media.

· Post or share an inspiring Instagram message.

· If you have a Starbucks app or similar? Secretly pay for the next person in line.

· If you are out getting essentials and stop in at your local cafe to buy a take-away coffee, pay it forward and shout the next customer a brew. It’s such a simple act but could just make someone’s day.

· Not everyone can get to the shops now, so on your next trip Mercadona or local supermarket, offer to do the shopping or pick-up medicine for a neighbour or friend. You could pick up a little something extra while you’re at the shops, such as a small box of chocolates, to surprise them when they unpack their shopping.

· Give someone the gift of a night off cooking and shout them dinner. Whether it’s through a food delivery service such as Ubereats or GlovoApp, or through one of the myriad local restaurants or small businesses now doing takeaway or offering pre-ordered food hampers, there’s nothing like kicking back with a wine and enjoying a meal you didn’t have to cook yourself. The options are endless.

· And finally, be kind to yourself. Whether your self-care is a bubble bath, 15 minutes of meditation or just forgiving yourself for something, extend the same kindness to yourself that you would to your best friend.