Launch of the new International Christian Fellowship Marbella –

Dear Members of Costa Women, 

All are welcome to join and celebrate with us!
On Sunday 29th September at 11:00 A.M.
For THE NEW LAUNCH OF International Christian Fellowship Marbella (ICFM)

Sunday 29th September 2019 marks the launch of International Christian Fellowship (ICF) Marbella. 

ICF Marbella is the birth right of pastor and visionary Yvonne Vidal; a woman whose life journey encapsulates the very essence of life transforming experiences, breakthrough, liberty, destiny and freedom to walk in fulfilment of God’s design, purpose and plan for an abundant life.

ICF Marbella is Yvonne’s legacy, one that she has inherited and carried since 2002 having acquired it upon accepting the call of God upon her life when she became a born again Christian, was baptised in the Holy Spirit and dutifully carried out various kingdom assignments as entrusted to her by our Heavenly Father, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

In September 2018, Yvonne was named President /Pastor of the Association ICF Marbella heralding a climate change, a new season and a new era!

Jesus cautioned us against pouring new wine into old wineskins in order to prevent them from bursting as the wine would run out and the wineskins would be ruined. Therefore, in order to preserve both; new wine is poured into new wineskins and Yvonne Vidal is the epitome of such. 

Yvonne was given a vision by God of seeing strongly committed fellow brothers and sisters in Christ dedicated to the will of God and Word of Faith, united together as one in a strong network of Kingdom Culture that is successfully synchronised and spiritually aligned across Spain and throughout the nations.

It is no coincidence that ICF Marbella is to be launched this month. September is the ninth month and symbolic of a change of season and coinciding with Rosh Hashanah which is the beginning of the Jewish New Year. Yvonne has chosen to invite you to join her at an unforgettable celebration of life; indeed, The Way, The Truth and The Life!!! 

On Sunday 29th September 2019 at 11:00 am, ICF Marbella will be officially launched at the Marbella City Hall, Council for Foreign Residents, 2nd Floor (Upper Room), Palacio De Ferias y Congresos “Adolfo Suarez”) C/ José Meliá 2, 29601 Marbella.

This gathering shall host a variety of inspirational speakers and talented artists who will draw us into a most intimate place of worship as we fellowship and join together as one and usher in the presence of God.

Therefore, expect to experience and be captivated by a wonderful encounter with Christ Jesus in the beauty of His Holiness! 

It should be noted however that Sunday 29th September 2019 marks only the beginning!

The vision is ultimately that ICF Marbella will become a multi-cultural, multi-generational, trans denominational fellowship that transcends all boundaries, develops wonderful relationships, builds networks, establishes divine connections, enshrines Kingdom values and brings restoration to us both collectively as well as individually as we pray, fellowship and encourage one another and become more Christ like in carrying out the great commission and growing from glory to glory.

We expect to see minds renewed, lives transformed, captives being set free, vindication, liberation, emancipation, breakthrough, restoration and wholeness.

Taking on Kingdom values and assignments requires us to be accountable to Christ and to be authentic ambassadors of His, functioning in right standing with Him and operating in Christ righteousness, integrity, honesty, excellence, selflessness and probity. This we will duly do as we understand that we were placed on the earth for such a time as this, were born with destiny, potential and purpose and we wish to accomplish all that we were created, crafted, called and chosen to undertake.

We aim to partner with God in prayer, submit to His leadership and guidance, effect His plans and advance His Kingdom throughout the earth. We trust that the Lord will order ICF Marbella’s steps as every valley is raised, every mountain is made low, crooked paths are made straight and rough places plain as the glory of the Lord God Almighty is revealed.

Written by Ann Tayo, Ordained Minister and Barrister


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

We look forward to seeing you.