Learning Spanish….. Ok it’s taken a while

and I am still learning…

I began Spanish around the age of 11 yrs old and now I am 37…

26 years on I am still learning… but don´t despair. I am now bilingual.

The most recent word I have learnt is renacuajo (tadpole)


Here´s a post I have written hope to help people learning Spanish or improving.




Hope some of the tips are handy.





2 thoughts on “Learning Spanish….. Ok it’s taken a while”

  1. It'll never end, this learning Spanish and that's good. I'm still learning the odd new word in English too!
    My favourite recent addition is ornitorinco - took me ages to get it. It means platypus so just like renacuajo I don't think it'll get much use!

    Still these are words that we just seem to know in English but every word in Spanish has to be learnt!

    Enjoy learning.


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