#LivinginLockdown – Your stories!

The Coronavirus crisis is one of life’s great levellers. We are all vulnerable to this virus. It’s a journey we are going through together. Equally most of us are living in some form of quarantine, with our movements and previous freedoms restricted for the greater good. COVID-19 and particularly its effect on our lives is one of the few topics that we all have experience of and an opinion about.
On the positive side this shared experience has brought a greater sense of community. However it is easy to forget that we each face a unique set of circumstances. Lockdown in the city is different from the campo. Life as a single person varies from coping with children or a sick family member in quarantine. Some of us are on the frontline or unable to work from home. Many of us have other health issues that still need attention and a few of us have already had to face this dreaded virus in some form.
To help us understand the different paths we’ve each had to forge Costa Women have started the blog series #LivingInLockdown. Each week we will bring you the real life story of how our members are managing during lockdown. 
We’d love to hear your story, so feel free to add it as a blog or video on the website using the hashtag #LivingInLockdown. Maybe one of our blogs has resonated with you. We invite you to comment and add to these stories. Whatever our journeys let’s come together to support each other as group.
Add your stories under the blog here