Making your own Diamonds

This morning, after the fires at Mijas and Benahavis over the weekend, I have been thinking about how amazing nature is to recreate itself after a devasting fire where all of it has been burnt away.


In a few months, new shoots will be popping up in the now blackened “dead” soil and plants will start to grow again.


Public opinion used to believe that wildfires were harmful to nature. “Its now proven from more recent ecological research that fire is an integral part in the function and biodiversity of many natural habitats, and that the organisms within these communities have adapted to withstand, and even to exploit, natural wildfire.” *Wikipedia




It got me thinking about other things in our life that are a disturbance and disrupt our day-to-day lives. 


“A Diamond is created where heat and pressure fuse atoms of carbon together into crystalline structures”


And how a change in the equilibrium and any disturbance can initially distract us.  However, the heat and pressure gets us to focus on starting again with a new plan, goal or project.   Maybe the conditions have not been right to work on the project, or it needs the “try, test, repeat” process until you get it working how you want.


Or is it time to jump out of your comfort zone and try something new? On Friday I modeled in a fashion show. I was definitely out of my comfort zone and surrounded by Women who were professional models! If there are projects you need to start which are new to you and mean using new skills, ideas and thought processes, you just need to jump in and start! There will always be people with more life, or business experience that we have starting off. However, look back over your business life – 20 years ago you may not even have opened a computer, let alone lived your business life on it. You have picked up skills over the years – you aren’t where you were even a year ago. When you look back next year think how much further forward your project will be!


Is there something in your business that is currently not happening and you need support to get it growing again? Or maybe there is something new you want to launch, but you are struggling to start? Share your seeds with us and lets see if we can help you with the growing pains!