My Reaction to Brexit

I never read the news due to the media always influencing what they want you to see and not what you should see.  Plus it is full of negativity and I always thought if something´s going to affect me I will hear about it without needing to read the news. 

Obviously I was right.  When I heard about Brexit I really had no idea what was going on.  Although it did make sense as to why less British were inquiring in properties (we work in real estate), they wanted to wait and see what the outcome was before making any commitments.  Wonderful I thought, just when we made it out of a huge crisis and the market was picking up, David Cameron throws another road block in front of us.  Not to worry we thought, England would never leave the EU.  I think a lot of people thought the same and didn´t even vote because they thought it would all be ok.  I did even hear some people voted leave as a joke because they thought it would never happen.  So nice to know that people can mess with people´s future and treat it as a comedy.  Bet you are not laughing now it went through!!

During the time leading up to June 23rd I didn´t hear much which I thought was strange, something this serious, that´s all we should hear about.  I actually just heard the guy in charge of the stay campaign actually sabotaged the campaign (perhaps he was paid or something) so that makes some sense.  However, if you are telling this person to put out certain figures etc and lead a campaign, if he is not doing his job then shouldn´t someone else take over and do it??

Then June 23rd came along.  I spoke to my mum that day as she was my proxy to vote for me, I checked the status and it was close.  52% was stay though so I thought well still we will be ok.  Then I was told the voting was extended for some reason, I still never thought the outcome would be what it was.

So Friday morning I woke up and my boyfriend said Britain voted out, I said no they didn´t, he said yes they did, I say no your lying, its a joke.  He then showed me the results on his phone.  I was gobsmacked.  I could´ve cried but I was so shocked I didn´t have a reaction.  This is a kind of thing that I´ve never experienced in my life, I had no idea how to react, what to think or even what to say.  I proceeded to get my breakfast and sat down.  I said to my boyfriend that’s it then, its all over.  I literally thought my life was over.  Like I said we are in real estate, this kind of thing is not going to go well for the market.   I was thinking the worst, we would have to close down, possible go back to UK.  Or in my mind I was thinking maybe we could go to Gibraltar, however, if everyone thought like that Gibraltar would run out of room!!

I never finished my breakfast that day nor did I go to the gym like I usually do, I was sat glued to my computer looking at the news, hoping there was a mistake.  I then read a piece that Cameron had said it doesn´t matter what the votes are, we will not leave the EU.  Phew I thought everything will be ok, then I read he said he has to respect the votes and is stepping down in October.  What!!! You changed your tune fast, and after the mess you created you just want to walk away and let someone else pick up the pieces.  What a great leader you are! This is when the country needs leadership the most!! Then later I found the petition for a revote! I signed it and shared it everywhere I could.   I believe it is up to 3 million, however, 77,000 have been removed after a hacker admitted to doing them.  You only need 150,000 for a debate so even though David Cameron says there won´t be another vote, surely they have to at least consider it now.   And with all the things that the leave campaign promised that they are now backing out of, surely more people will change their mind. 

It really makes me sad that the country is so divided and the hate messages going on social media between people who voted to stay and the people who voted to leave, it´s disgusting.   Who cares how anyone voted, we have to make the best of it.  If no one tries to pull the country back together again, it worries me there could be fights and riots.   Everyone now seems to think they are a politician!  And I know you shouldn´t trust a politician but the amount of lies and scams that have gone on during this time is ridiculous, it makes our government look stupid and like they don´t know what they are doing!  

Plus the people who are just making jokes about it, I know people probably need to do that to deal with the news better but this is a serious matter that will affect a huge number of people. 

So anyway after Friday walking around like a zombie wondering what my future holds.  I spent the weekend relaxing and looking at things from a different perspective.  If the Brexit was cancelled then everything’s ok, there will still be some time before everything is back to normal but everything stays the same at least.  If it goes through I was thinking well surely Spain wouldn´t want to lose the BILLIONS spent by British every year and would come up to some agreement.   As for business I decided to look at things from another angle.  Maybe some would not want to purchase in Spain until they new for certain what rights they would have, however, maybe some would use the time to get out and start a new life in Spain while they were still allowed free movement during the negotiation time.  I was right Monday morning a couple came in from the UK saying they want to buy something as they were sick of the way things were going on in UK.  They want to hurry up and get out.  So I guess my life isn´t over after all.  I will have to patiently wait like everyone else and see what the outcome is.  Until that time I will not let this affect my day again like it did on Friday.  I will try to see the positive and hope for the best.  If worst case scenario does happen then I will deal with it at that point!  I wont consume myself in the news and instead just regularly check if there are any updates.  I hope we can all stick together and support each other and that no one else gets too affected by the outcome. 

2 thoughts on “My Reaction to Brexit”

  1. Gaye Vanessa Morgan

    Brexit is a bummer and that's the mildest expression I can use. Look at what we have now - bonkers Boris and fruitcake Farage. When I return to Spain I am not going to admit I am Welsh. I can barely speak to my 84yr old mother who voted out - as if she even had a clue what it was about! Then of course there are the 'friends' (soon to be departed) who cast their vote having been brainwashed on the immigration issue. The funniest thing of all are the impoverished areas in Wales that were receiving HUGE amounts of money from the EU coffers and are now asking will they still get the cash. Doh! Does my tirade sound bitter? You bet.

  2. Well they have been using immigration as an excuse for a long long time to brainwash people, but now its getting out of hand with the racism.  And even though they are backing down with what they promised, people still want Boris in charge!   Its ridiculous.

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