On meditation

Anger is part of our life. We all can feel this rising, pushing sensation. This energy makes us to yell, criticize and attack (both verbally and physically) other people, oftenest the closest one whom we in reality want to protect and love. Instead we hurt them. We never give our self time, a second to feel this energy, to get hold of it and actually use it in more sensible, positive and constructive way. Why? Because nobody ever taught us how to do that. Apart from some emergency advices like: -breath and count, nobody trainded with us the skill of commanding our anger and turning it to creative energy. Usually we use it as a fire hose when we really want it to be a watering hose. So is there a technique, a way to learn how to use anger-this explosive energy, to build rather than to demolish? Yes, there is. LEARN MEDITATION.