On Meditation

The vocabulary used by so called “alternative people” has been incomprehensible to me for a very long time. I knew the words, but their meaning was vague and unclear. Here are some examples: “empty your mind”, “open your heart”, “abandon your ego”. I simply didn’t know how to empty my mind, how to open my heart or how to get rid of my ego. Expressions like that created in me big confusion and sometimes even anger. But I wanted so much to empty my mind (sometimes anyway), to feel grateful (when I actualy didn’t) or to forget my ego. There was a cry of desperation inside me; a cry for solid, comprehensible knowledge and understanding.  This knowledge exists; it has been present for thousends of years and is being constantly updated and modernized. I wanted to get to the basis, to the alphabet of that knowledge and to learn what all these means in practice. The simple and crucial question: HOW? has been at the centre of my search. I was lucky enough to meet the right teachers who explained and taught me the HOW.  And I would like very much to pass this knowledge to those who have similar interest and similar questions. The HOW is not conceptual, it is not only an intellectual knowledge. It is experiential, you learn it by practicing. Practicing WHAT? MEDITATION.