On Meditation

Our mind speaks with words. The never-ending monolog or imaginary dialog we have in our heads is verbal; the letters, the words, the grammar and the stories. Our intelligence uses this medium-the language to asses, to judge, to compare, to argue and to tell stories. But we are not only the speaking intelligence. There wouldn’t be need for a body if we were. So there is the body, the huge power plant being steered by the brain and communicating with it and with the surroundings. So what is the language of its communication, how does the body speak? It uses sensations, feelings, emotions; all the impulses appearing in the body. A feeling is like a letter or a word; it tells us something. So there are no negative, bad feelings; there are only useful feelings; they all are necessary. To understand them takes some training like reading and writening take learning. Getting rid of some feelings is like removing letters from alphabet. Without them we can’t understand what is going on in our life. So how to learn this language of the body? LEARN MEDITATION.