On Meditation

Mindfulness meditation teaches how to be present, how to redirect our attention to the here and now. I have discovered however that for many there is a fear of being present, as if the state of presence took away our precious memories and lofty plans. We are afraid of arriving into this realm as if danger  awaited us there. The truth is that it is a fear of unknown and of change not of being present. By learning meditation we are going to change our habitual state of constantly listening to the talking mind. We are going to learn how to listen to it when we want to and need to, not when it wants our attention(it means all the time). We walk around consulting the plan of learning mindfulness with our controlling mind; the discussion, the looking for arguments can and will go forever on the intelectual platform of existence. The change, the learning the improvement is somewhere else; it is in doing, acting, practicing. Meditation is learned by doing it not by thinking about it.  It will introduce you to the neglected part of your life: the presence. There should be a dynamic between past, presence and future. So allow the presence to regain a part of your life, allow it to be here consciously. Start listening to and seeing the world around you. In that way you will discover a beautiful space of possibilities and answers to many questions you have been asking for many years. LEARN MEDITATION