On Meditation

We want benefits in our life. We want reward and pleasure. And I want to convince you that learning meditation is beneficial and rewarding. How to describe pleasure? Is it an object or is it rather a feeling we get by acquiring an object, position or state? Everybody has a list of things that bring feeling of pleasure as well as a list of things that can cause suffering. We know also from our experience that life supplies us with plenty of both. It is impossible to have one without the other. And we constantly create new tricks to distruct us from unwanted visions and thoughts of difficulties. How much of our precious energy goes to this “tricks”? How to recognize what really matters to us? To find out we need to create a space of silence, a space where we can pay attention to our own wants and preferances, to our own, inner quiet voice. This space can be created by meditation. The only way of getting there is by doing it. LEARN MEDITATION

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  1. Jacqueline Osborn

    Hi , like what you have written, where can one learn how to meditate here on the costa del sol. Jacqueline

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