On meditation

Why do I write this blog “On Meditation”?

The reason is that I would like to encourage people to try meditation, to give it a chance and if they like it to have it as a daily routine. I teach meditation and I use meditation as one of the tools for helping people to have a harmonious life. Not to change or improve themselves but to recognize whom they really are.

Meditation is simple but not easy. The difficulty lies in our mind wanting to talk all the time. The stream of thoughts is like a spoilt child, it wants our constant attention. During meditation we teach the mind to be quiet when we don’t want its help. Simply we regain control over our own being.

The society is built on the idea of superiority of mind. I don’t deny the importance of it. And with the advance use of intelligence the world is far from being fair. Maybe it is time to allow other aspects of human being to speak. Maybe it is time to listen to the neglected and banned members of the family. They may have something interesting to say. How to connect to these aspects?

The easiest way to do it is by meditation. The best way to stop our brain from listening to the stream of thoughts is to redirect our attention from these thoughts to something else. And the something else is the present moment.

Listening to the present moment can surprise you with answers and solutions your mind would never construct. Maybe it is worth trying. Learn meditation.