Seeking to escape the madding crowd, Estepona was my first choice location on the Costa del Sol. I’d booked a month-long stay on an inland horse farm, soaking in my wonderful new surroundings on weekly trips with the crew to buy feed, straw and hay – even mucking in with the occasional mucking out!

After renting a freshly decorated sea-view apartment in the cosy Old Town, aptly addressed Calle Nueva 1 (1 New Street), Costa del Sol News editor Suzan Davenport accepted (and paid favourably for) my first photojournalism proposal – a two-page walking guide to the town’s colourful ceramic street signs depicting some of Spain’s celebrated cities.

Following publication, Tourism Councillor at the time, Marta Solís, emailed out of the blue: “Congratulations on the deep knowledge shown in your article promoting our town,” so nine years later it’s good to share this post about an authentic Costa del Sol destination.

2 thoughts on “ALL EYES ON ESTEPONA”

  1. Hi,
    Great post.
    We just bought our villa in Estepona with the help of paradisemarbellareality and are loving it.
    Big thanks to Arek for his kind guidance, help/patience and closing of the deal, we could not be happier.



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