On Mindfulness

Meditation is less thinking. What I mean by that is less judging,  less comparing, assessing, planning, calculating, telling stories about yourself and others, worring, foreseeing, etc…There is nothing wrong with these processes, they are necessary but it happens that you are unable to control that stream of thoughts; you don’t know how to stop it. Mindfulness meditation is a technique that allows you to regain control over your own mind and choose when to use it and when you want to let it rest. The way to do it is very simple: you need to redirect your attention to something else than thoughts, for example the pure experience of the here and now, namely your body and its actions: breathing and feeling with all the senses. What you feel, smell, touch, hear and taste without any assessment. It sounds extremely simple and almost banal and boring until you try to do it. The secret lies in doing. Learn meditation, do meditate and if you need help contact me.