When to change to a Spanish driver’s license as a EU citizen?


Since the introduction of a new law (RD 818/2009 de 8 de mayo) regarding the validity of a EU driver’s license, there are many questions and doubts about this subject.

Let me clarify that we are no lawyers and you can’t hold us responsible for any information given regarding this subject, but we have tried to gather as much information as possible in order to clarify this subject. We will also refer to some legal texts (in Spanish) for who wants more detailed information.

The new rules only apply to EU residents who have been living for two years or longer in Spain and who have a driver’s license with a validation longer than 15 years or who’s driver’s license is about to expire.

How to get a Spanish driver’s license:

–          Ask for an appointment through www.dgt.es or call to this phone  number: 060

–          Fill out the request form, which you can get at the offices of Trafico or online on www.dgt.es

–          Make sure you have an official NIE as resident, to bring to the visit

–          Bring your EU driver’s license both the original one and a copy

–          Bring a picture of yourself 32x26mm

–          You’ll have to pay about 23,50 euro for taxes

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