On Mindfulness

Be good, be grateful, be compassionate; forgive, love, help, respect… My FB is full of these beautiful advices promising that in return I will get peace, happiness and love; angels will protect me and people will respect me, law of attraction will fulfill all my wishes and I only need to think positivly.

Well, watching and reading all these messages I get a feeling of eating too many sugary things, and actually getting sick. OK, I agree that we need to see and pay attention to the positive, good and beautiful; nevertheless there are plenty of unpleasant things going on out there in the world. And I have no idea how to solve, improve and amend them. But I have to honestly admit that there are unpleasant things going inside me and I am sure inside you too. All so called negative feelings happen to me: fear, anger, regret, irritation, anxiety, depression, shame, jealousy, hatred, contempt, scorn, conceit… The list is very long and these feelings may have more than 50 shades each. Who, where and when decided that they may be negative and it was better not to admit to feeling them at all? From the childhood we suppress them and avoid admitting that we experience them.. We use a lot of energy to keep them under control, locked in the basement. Sometimes they come out like an explosion hurting us or people around us. The real challenge lies in finding a way of letting them out without damaging our lives. Nobody ever has taught me a healthy way of approaching them, until now. Yes, now I know how to handle so called negative feelings, I actually stopped calling them that, because they are not negative at all. They are important information about our position in the world. They feel uncomfortable, because they want our attention. So HOW to give them that attention? By listening to them and the best, safest place to do it is in meditation. LEARN MEDITATION.

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  1. Agree completely !!!!!! There is no such thing as negative...so many people so many flavours so many choices....the one thing we should never allow is to deny what we like for ourselves and not listen to anyone their opinion.... fear and insecurity make people negative and make them judge ... we can do without that .... be strong for yourself.... believe in yourself and follow YOUR dreams.

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