On Mindfulness

Holiday season is here. Holiday is about resting, relaxing and doing something different from everyday routine, so that we can be ready to return to our ordinary, working life with charged batteries and rested mind. In practice it is not that easy to switch from a working day to a holy-day; the routine of working lingers in us disturbing joy of holiday. And we want the vacations to be vacations.

We all have various ways and tricks of getting to a holiday mood. I would like to suggest one more: mindfulness. Mindfulness is a skill that allows you to pay attention to what your body and senses are experinecing just now bringing your mind into the now as well. For example if you are on the beach, you listen to the sound of the sea, you feel the sand and its temperature under your feet; you feel the warm breeze on your skin. You redirect your attention from thougts about your work, your dog in a kennel or the painting of your apartment to what you feel where you are, your presence. And you don’t think about it either, you don’t judge experineces by being critical to the temperature of the sea water or despair the moment you will have to leave it. Do not think! FEEL! Fill your mind up with sensations that this lovely time offers to you. Be on holiday.

So wherever you are, allow yourself to be with what you feel when you feel it. Have a wonderful summer.