On Mindfulness

I am therefore I think. Being comes first, thinking thereafter. Without my bodily existance, my physical presence I wouldn’t be able to perform thinking and all the other functions of a human being. It means that without a body I am not. The first and basic condition of a human-being is to have a human-being body. For some reason we look at the body as a burden we have to carry and cope with without really liking it. It is in way, it demands care and it stops us form so many things which our mind is able to create. But if you look at it from a different angle the body is a wonderful, highly advanced and excellent instrument that can perform and fulfill everything we want to. We just need to cooperate with it, appreciate it and work with it. We need to recognize its nature, strength and mechanics. The best way to get in touch with it is to start listening to it without a filter of judgmental, intellingent mind. And the best place to do it is in meditation. The body communicates constantly and without words but through sensations and feelings. Make acquaintance with this neglected friend- the energy system of your body-the being. Paying attention to being will help you with doing. Paying attention to being will help you with thinking, feeling, dreaming, loving, creating, connecting and growing. LEARN MEDITATION