On Mindfulness

 Meditation is about non-thinking. It is a state of being in which you don’t pay any attention to thoughts. It means that you don’t change one set of thoughts (negative one) for another set of thoughts (positive one). It means that you don’t create with your mind a fairytale in exchange for a tragedy. This is still thinking and it takes you away from the presence. What I am talking about is bringing your awareness into the here and now and experiencing what is happening to you without assessing it, analyzing it, judging it or telling a story about it. Meditation is about expanding your awareness into state of experience. And I hope that there is a rebellion spirit in you. You have to rebel against authority of your intelligent mind, you have to rebel against your life-long training in thinking. You have to rebel against conviction that thinking is a highest, most valuable quality of a human being and that you don’t exist without it. Saying that I am not against thinking, I only want you to realize that there is more to a human being then just a thinking process. Let’s use our intelligent mind and thinking when it is needed. But there are times when it simply can’t do anything apart from underlining its own importance. Meditation starts with curiosity about your existence in this body and in this moment. Strangely enough it takes courage to approach it. But nobody else can tell you the truth about you. You are the only person who has this power. Use it, meditate.