On Mindfulness

I spend most of my time in an ordinary every day. Thera are chores, errands and jobs to be done. There are things to be organized and fixed. This every day is normal and average. My intelligent mind can call it: boring, unpleasant or stressful. The great critic in me constantly explains, judges, entertains and distracts me from being present in it. It is a master in taking me away from that every day as if there was something wrong about it. As if it was not worthy any attention, any praise. Instead of being in my life I am with my thoughts. But the truth is that my life is happening here in the present and not in the story told by my inner talker. I want to experience my life as it is unfolding to me now, in its banalities and splendidness.

I got interested in mindfulness because mindfulness is about the reality, it is about being in the here and now; it is about being alive and being aware of it. I want to participate in events of my own life when they are average, joyful and painful. I want to feel and sense the tastes of the very ordinary and extraordinary things when they are happening to me. I want to live through them, not to think and deliberate them constantly.

I meditate daily and my meditation practice is not about enlightenment, bliss or nirvana. It may happen or not, I don’t care. Practice of meditation helps me to participate in the present and enjoy it. It helps me to quiet down, to see clearly and to breathe deeply. I find an enormous value in it. My life is important, it is precious and mediation allows me to notice it.