On Mindfulness

When I meditate I don’t go anywhere; I don’t “leave” my body and move to some fancy world of blissful happiness following a fairy-tale stories of my mind. Contrary I stay here, as close as possible to the “banal” physical world of my body. I stay with my subjective reality that I experience through my very own senses which are actually situated in the body

Habitually I am constantly with my thoughts-the thinking mind. That’s why I need a change, a shift, a holiday. I don’t want to dwell on my thinking all the time. I want sometimes to stop thinking and rest.  

And the best and simplest way of doing it is by placing my attention on my body. I witness its presence, what it experiences just here, just now. I scan my body moving my attention from one part to another, feeling and listening to what is going on, simply being a witness of my own existence.

And when I do it, busying myself with the present, my mind switches off, disappears and suddenly I am in some wonderful place of safety, peace and acceptance. This place is simply here with me and in me, and I know that I can always get there. I can meditate.