On Mindfulness

EGO-the black sheep of human existence; we burden it with so many sins. But I need my Ego. It gives me a distinct sense of myself. It helps me to decide what to buy for dinner and what hairstyle to wear. My ego puts a structure into my life, helps to choose from that infinite offer that surrounds us. It is a programme of behaviors-compromise between rules of society and my own preferences. Even if I sometimes hesitate I know what clothes I like, what food I want to eat, what books to read and films to watch, my ego/identity helps me to verify it.

Trouble begins when this identity turns stiff and rigid, fortified with conviction of absolute truth. And it talks; it is actually a great talker, creating rivers and avalanches of words, stories and arguments, explaining and judging all the time. Ego can get so attached to its own form and story that it wants to dominate and overpower everyone and everything. When I want it to shut up and be quiet, it will not listen because I am no longer an authority to it. So I have to regain my authority, I have to trick it to silence and wisely let it work for me and not the other way around. The question is how? The answer is: meditation.