On Mindfulness

I enjoy having breakfast at a local café. When I am in the south of Spain I sit outdoor looking at palms and absorbing the warmth of sunshine. It is so lovely that a feeling of laziness descents on me and fills every cell of my body with a wish to be there as long as I can, just be embraced and soaked in this wonderful state.

And then a long list of tasks for the day and week is miraculously unfolding before my eyes and I am being kicked by some sense of duty, responsibility and obligations to finish the breakfast, to get up and get into action, stop being this lazy person. I can negotiate five minutes longer, but I finally get up torn between duty and pleasure. I suppress the longing for this laziness and follow my dutiful me. It can get really hard.  

Anyway this is how I used to approach this challenge. But I have acquired another way now, and I use it sometimes. I allow myself to be in the state of laziness. I allow myself to surrender to that feeling of not wanting to do anything, just to stay where I am and enjoy the present moment. I am mindful of my laziness, I soak in it I become it. And then it naturally moves and says: thank you for a lovely meeting, and it lets me do all the things from the list without this struggle and feeling of pressure. My laziness got the attention and acknowledgment it needed and now it let me do the other things without any protests. There is a benevolent and gentle power in mindfulness.