A Selection of True Awakening Experiences…Part II

Living a sensual life...

Welcome February 2016, this is certainly a year full of high vibrational energy that continues to bombard our low density home on Mother Earth and our old way of living. It is shaking everything and everyone up to feel our core and choose in the quietness of the conscious breath how each of us wants to live our life. It is of the utmost importance that we each find a way to make ourself feel safe and grounded and maintain the courage to go after our dreams and be our most Magnificent Self… NO MATTER WHAT.

During the last 3 years, I have made many magnificent friends here on WordPress where we continue to INSPIRE each other with our storytelling. This month I have put up a February Challenge for my friends and I to write each day about our AWAKENING experience and where we find ourselves now on our journey of self-realisation and freedom. There are still some places left on the schedule for you to join us and write about your journey, so please contact me.

When we are aware of our own existence, aware of both the light and the darkness that we each ultimately are, we can begin to relax into our Body Consciousness (body, mind and spirit); All that we are and create our heart and soul’s desire in the heart of life.  

My above quote explains to me that ‘AWAKENING’ ultimately allows each of us to know or perceive… the truth of who we truly are… both Human and Divine… a multi-dimensional being who chooses in each moment to live and celebrate life in a joyous and loving way on the Earth plane and beyond.

Barbara’s Awakening Experience

For many years in my awakened state I have felt the natural integration of my Divine body and mind coming together as one with my Physical body and mind… that continues gradually and gently to this day. This allows me to live a most enlightened life… even when IAM in the midst of relationships and circumstances that reflect old patterns/parts of the Human game that I have chosen to no longer be part of, but allow them to be my gifts, in order that I may complete my transformation… to my translucent and crystalline DivineHuman self and bring about my vision of a harmonious and peaceful New Earth.

The full story of my Awakening, Integration and Enlightenment can be read in my recently published book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom that is available from all major online bookstores. Links are available on my website http://memymagnificentself.com 

What I want to write for this post is a more detailed account of how IAM allowing my darkness to come up to the surface that is ready for release.

Since moving to Benalmadena in 2014, Tom and I have felt so happy and met some wonderful friends, walked many miles exploring the beautiful rugged coastline, found a wonderful ‘low carbohydrate’ eating life style and have been inspired to pursue our creative passions. One of my passions has been to write, illustrate and publish my first book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom and IAM now busy writing and illustrating with my grandson a children’s version… Me, My Magnificent Self.

One of the endings I write in my book are the words…


I will continue to dissolve everything that no longer serves me… distil all my Human life experiences into wise and passionate essence… absorb all my physical biology into my new crystalline structure… and gracefully attract and bring in appropriate energies to help me live a most magnificent and balanced life here on Earth. 

As this is indeed what I have been experiencing this last year, I would like to share it here with you.

Where I find myself Now on my Journey of Self-Realisation and Freedom…

My book is published and what a great book launch I had with the support of many magnificent friends, locally on the Costa Del Sol and online around the world…. I remain ever grateful to all the love, trust and ongoing reviews and marketing shares that continue to help bring my own true love story into the world to inspire others to realise their own true potential.

However, when my launch was all over, I began to get quite emotional about some situations I found myself in. It didn’t really occur to me that it was anything to do with me… afterall I was on a roll, achieved so much after realizing my freedom…even while experiencing physical grief with my own ‘perception of BEAUTY’.

I was talking to my husband and friend about the unpleasant circumstances that were playing out in front of me and decided to write a blog post about it, as writing always inspires me to see the truth of what is happening. The gist of my post was about being quiet and allowing myself to observe a situation and choose to respond either as ms amazing (my Divine self) or ms miserable, (my Human self).

I thought no more about it and celebrated Christmas and New year with my family in England and prepared for our winter holiday visiting our children and grandchild in the Caribbean. After a good flight we arrived safely in St Maarten and were greeted by our whole family. It wasn’t long this first day that my confrontation began and I found myself in the depth of an unpleasant circumstance that I saw playing out in front of me. I couldn’t believe it and I observed myself sink into the role of ‘poor me’ as I began complaining, feeling hurt and stamping my feet.

Because I was consciously observing this happening, I didn’t allow myself to wallow in the victim role for too long. I sensed it went very deep and was a continuation of the situation back home and I needed to pay attention because I knew deep down it was very much everything to do with me. In a quiet moment I asked my Divine self to help me understand what was happening… and sure enough, without much delay information flooded into my consciousness/awareness.

When I first made my choice to be free of the struggle and limitation of the Human Game, I automatically gave myself permission to release everything that no longer served me and in particular the parts of me that were embedded deep within. What I had begun to physically experience, the circumstances and relationships around me, were all reflecting back to me past memories buried very deep, coming up to the surface for release. 

I knew it wasn’t about my falling back into the game of judgment and doubt, it was about loving the parts of myself that had been terribly broken and feeling betrayed and unloved. It was about me embracing All of my darkness and feeling joyful in the acceptance of All of myself. Accepting all the roles I had ever played, the roles I lost, as well as won because they were all part of my very existence. The remaining broken, betrayed and unloved parts of myself were ready for release and were playing out on the surface of my physical reality, waiting for me to be aware… accept… and embrace.

What was happening was much more than my choosing to be ms amazing or ms miserable, it was for me to truly perceive and understand how my Divine self; the inner core of my Human physical self is always reflecting my physical reality and for me to truly acknowledge and embrace my broken, betrayed and unloved parts that are now ready to be released and transformed into new potential for myself.

IAM after all a Master Creator who vibrates everything IAM into my existence. This is why it is so important I imagine and be my highest feeling of love, joy and abundance for it to manifest in my life…. NO MATTER WHAT.

So I say a big thank you to this circumstance, to the person who ultimately gave me this precious gift of experience and expanding my freedom by showing me my broken, betrayed and unloved past so that I could embrace it and release it. More space and freedom to bring in new potential to play, have fun and create with in the New Energy Consciousness that exists in each conscious moment.

Please enjoy this month of inspiring true awakening experiences… and if you would like to join us and share your true story, please check the schedule for open dates and let me know and I’ll include you.

Tomorrow you can go over to Michaels blog and read about where he finds himself now on his journey of Self-Realisation.

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator


‘Consciousness expands and Humankind takes a quantum leap into the unknown as they discover how to go beyond seduction, limitation, the ailing and ageing body and the death trigger. They enjoy living and creating as Loving DivineHumanBeings in a time-less space of freedom and an expanding field of potential where they experience rejuvenation, abundance and an infinite flow of pure love and joy.’

‘Allow my DivineHuman story to resonate with your heart and soul, and transcend you beyond religion, science and spirituality into the depths of your own Magnificent Consciousness; the timeless and sacred space of infinite potential’. Barbara Franken, DivineHuman Master Creator

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3 thoughts on “A Selection of True Awakening Experiences…Part II”

  1. dearest Barbara, I wish to truly thank you for sharing these inimiate experiences. I sense that I have found myself in similar situations but have found myself repeating old patterns, behaving inline with others fixed and preoccupied expectations of me, and not as my divine self. That takes such a lot of courage and practice! Deeply grateful for reminding me of what needs to change- me!
    Blessings. Karen x

  2. Hello Karen, Lovely to meet you here on costa women... Isn't it wonderful how we all inspire each other with our experiences... Its happened many times, but finally I get the message! I believe it is important to never give up and not worry about being a donkey. Everything in our life steers us to see the truth... Eventually. Are you here in Spain yet? Take care X Barbara

  3. Hi Barbara, we're still ' dreaming Spain' ', a few events have scuppered our plans. It appears we have some ties that bind us! ( need to tenderly remove them) 
    Coming over to Nerja in July to holiday and visit some rental opportunities. Xxx

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