On Mindfulness

There is a painting of Madame de Pompadour in her boudoir. I wondered about the meaning and provenience of this word. The term derives from French verb to sulk; so from a sulking room, a room to withdraw it became a woman’s private room. The mentioned picture is an incarnation of luxury: truly royal wealth and richness masterfully depicted by great artist Francois Boucher. This beautiful woman enjoys her private room in company of precious objects, shiny silks, a little dog and many books. It is her sacred space, her place to sulk, or maybe a place to dream.

It reminds me of another masterpiece, this time masterpiece of literature written by Virginia Woolf: “A Room of One’s Own”. This small book is about woman’s private space, a space where a woman can write, can create and to create is to allow herself to dream.

A woman is often torn between duties, obligation and search for a proof of her own value and it leaves her very little time to dream; and I mean to dream without “buts” and “wells” without looking for a compromise between “the possible” and “the wanted”, I mean to dream wildly, insanely and wonderfully like a child who hasn’t yet learned about “buts and wells”

This room for dreaming is very important. Befriending your dream, allowing it to tell you everything, listening to it in smallest details will make this dream free.

Be mindful of your dreams, let them live.